i enjoy making people fall in love with me but i don't like staying in love

  • i like making people fall for me. i enjoy the attention they give me and the kind of happiness and satisfaction they get when they think i like them back. there's a thrill in talking to new people and getting to know all different types. i've never really told anyone this so they always think i love them. love makes them have blind spots and i know it's not morally right to play with people's feelings but it's like an adrenaline rush that you can drag out and throw away after you're done with it.

  • that kinda makes you an asshole then, doesn't it

  • it does sound evil but if u knew that its wrong why continue, hmmp šŸ˜…šŸ˜“

  • @fitz and I said that, it's fine as long as you have a limit to it.

    If you are in a relationship knowing that they are fully replaceable and just for fun, it's understandable and I can't do nothing about it.

    If you are engaging in a relationship just to know their secrets and their character and right when, they had finally trusted you, if you said to them I had never loved and you are nothing but trash to me, it's bad on a whole new level. Hence, though I can do nothing about it, I would complain,... repeatedly

  • @sir-devil I care about them at the moment like when we hang out or some shit like that but in the back of my mind I know someone can always replace them. As for the karma, it's nice to know you're hurting someone that's caused others pain doesn't mean I can't enjoy it as well.

  • Movie Buff

    @fitz hi how ru

  • @shorty20 Thank you! at least you get it

  • @shorty20 uh, I don't think that he would return. So, there's a little chance of him seeing your message. Better luck next time.

  • Do what you got to do. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • @helow123 well, I consider myself as a rising demon and I believe that your origin doesn't matter once you have conqured your evilness as I have said in my profile

  • @sir-devil yea that's true. Especially when you start getting close to that person through being their support system and what not.
    I know when playing this kind of things could make you carried away and forget things.
    I just think he has never get his karma yet, so he doesn't think consciously at times.

    Though fun, it is a dangerous game and gamble.

    well hey by the way, ur name is devil, but u have a heart that's so sweet and considerate.

  • @helow123 that's what I am saying too, everything's fine as long as you have a limit. He says that he does that over a long period of time, sometimes years. During the said time, he would learn about their character and all their darkest secrets and after they have placed their complete trust, he would throw them away like they are expendable. He said that himself. It would leave them broken and if they are fragile, it may even lead to suicide.

  • @sir-devil i know what @fitz, and apparently me, enjoy doing is in no way a good thing to do. but people do bad things, it's human nature.
    as for leading to suicide, dear lord i hope it doesn't get there, u really have to know the limit. don't abuse the power you have.

    as for karma. god dammit, i get my karma alright. these people, some occasions the same person i play with, left me, without any reason, without good byes, and it haunts me for years. it still haunts me tho.

  • I agree with you!!!
    I love making people fall for me, it kinda boost my ego and my confidence.
    But usually I don't realize what I'm doing, until some of my friends told me that person is falling for me, or that person starts doing extraordinary things for me.
    it. is. uh-mazing!

    uhhh I miss doing that so much.

    *damn i sound like i'm a bad person. i am not. I never intend to do that on purpose.

  • @fitz so, you do accept that you do not care about your victims and your actions might lead to suicide...

    so, do you accept that you are doing this, just because you want to and not for some grand reasons like karma or lessons?

  • @sir-devil it's not about their pain because anyone can have pain. it's about the work it takes me to gain their trust, to know their darkest secrets and to know just how vulnerable they are in my hand because i have that power and they don't know i have that kind of power until i just one day leave them and then they're in a corner broken or whatever it's called. the thrill is knowing all the types of people there are in this world. it's knowing how to get into the minds of every person you want because once you figure out how they work, you add it to your list of things to know about the human emotions and their complexity. to me personally, it's beautiful knowing you can break a person without ever laying a finger on them. vulnerability is liability and liability can cause death

  • @fitz date me

  • @fitz but still, manipulating them for years is not good... What do you mean, they get over greater shit? The shit you are doing would be the one giving them a broken heart. My opinion is not biased. I saw things from your perspective and saw nothing but sadistic pleasure. It's not like blatantly accusing you of it. You said it yourself. You said that you feel an adrenaline rush. At what? Their pain?

    "It's like karma"? Who said it's fine, just because it's karma? and who made you the one, to deliver their karma? and do you only manipulate the ones that are married or in a relationship?

    You said that you are making them stronger emotionally and mentally. That may have been true if it was done over a short period of time but in your case, you are doing it for several months. It WILL NOT make them stronger, it would just leave them broken.

    Is there still something to justify your actions? Do you deny that you find no pleasure in their pain? Do you also deny that you are not doing this just for fun? I'm open to your thoughts...

  • Ouch, that stings

  • @sir-devil but i thought you weren't bias? it's mostly people in the military who i know have cheated on someone and so it's kinda like karma in a way. i mean i know what i do is fucked it but people get over far greater shit than a breakup or a broken heart all the time. if anything i'm making them stronger emotionally and mentally


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