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    I’m suffering in this house with four extremely abusers who doesn’t allow me to get anything for myself the siblings gets to get things for themselves they always allowed get anything and go anywhere they want like to a market store getting their things and they treat me differently cause I’m this gender they treat me anyhow by letting me do dirty dangerous works they don’t care if I get damage by anything but allowed them to do what they want I don’t feel safe with them I want to get out of here and live with someone else they always threatens me always arguing about everything I do cause I’m a target that they can see and use cause I’m an object all four scolds and take away my personal belongings they always letting me stay somewhere like the house or car anywhere in public that they can use later on all four of them hurts me by holding a knife at me and hits me at my back and other harmful things I’m trapped and im unable to go anywhere I’m afraid of them they don’t care if I don’t have anything I need they always forcing me to do things they threaten to call police on me when I act up and they don’t want me to tell anyone what’s happening in the house they be strictly rough to me screaming loud at me for doing mistakes they tells me to hurry up but doesn’t tell the siblings these things they using my college card without my permission and stare down at me ready to beat me they don’t want me to live a good life they constantly letting me work with no rest I tried contacting people on internet and domestic violence hotlines to help me about my situations but don’t want to help me I don’t know where else to get help from

  • Lemme start by saying that's the biggest run-on sentence I've seen in my life. Jeez! I'm sorry you're going through this. I can't help but notice u said they use your college card. That gives me the impression you're over 18, so just move out my friend.

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    Yes that was a little hard to read but its poor situation from the sound of it.
    If it's as horrid as you say, leave.
    It's easier than you think, find a friend who will put you up or couch surf a little, I'm not in the states so I can't offer any advice as to any organisations that could help (im sure someone will point out somewhere) but here calling the right domestic violence place will get you emergency housing, it's not usually all that impressive and it's short term (2-3 months) but gives you time to get some income going and get ya shit together, much better than living at home from the sound of it