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    Loving yourself is the hardest thing to do is especially the ones that are supposed to love you shame you. It's like walking on the edge of a plank expecting someone to catch you but rather they push you off like standing on the highest mountain wanting to climb but afraid to fall it's like being in prison and the darkest and coldest place but the prison is in your home it's supposed to be a sanctuary of safe but nothing is ever so easy nothing's ever been so hard a subjectively by yourself and criticize the things that you are walking away on a thin tightrope created on a foundation that has broke it's like wanting to go back in time just to stand the back of the line for those who matter most to notice you and want you to shine but instead they will help and give a vote of confidence and turned a blind eye never rectifying your moment or reassuring your mind it's like a puppet string of emotions but soon you start to grasp people will only do with what you let them have so cut the strings and cut the tides and bring yourself back To your owned mind and understand this if people can't see your worth let them go but don't let you be the one who doesn't see it first