The stars above, tonight I watched.
    Glitters on the other side of the notch.
    Their very wondrous light that flickers,
    They look just like small sparklin’ stickers.

    What if the stars, they look at us too?
    Truly, it’s a sad, sad thing to do.
    With such entropy, they might wonder.
    Since they can do nothin’ but sober.

    I’ve been thingkin’ about everyone,
    There are still things that can be done.
    The stars above, they can do nothin’,
    But we can change this world we live in.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    Ayyy....another amazinggg poem by uhh...love yaaa

  • @Von-Voyage 🤟👉The stars above, they can do nothin’,
    But we can change this world we live in.👌

  • Freedom Writers Music Lovers

    Not my finest work, but a reply nonetheless

    The everlasting star, burning bright
    Shining so beautiful with all its might
    We stray from the dark,
    as it frightens our being
    But the most powerful of stars
    Is seen best in the night

    We fight, we strive to find our purpose
    We say we are clay, or atoms, stardust
    But relishing in our sun
    Is an absolute must

    No matter religion, or thinking mind,
    Or passion and kind,
    Or space and time

    We all go back to our wandering star
    drifting in space
    Provision of grace

  • Freedom Writers Music Lovers

    Your poem was really good dude!
    I'm a huge fan of imagery and I think you nailed that one here. One thing i say that may help is changing up the rhyme scheme within the poem itself, which is completely legal! It produces some cool effects in some cases, and may help in this specific case.


    Your poem was really good dude!

    Thanks, mate! Appreciate your most honest opinion.

  • Thanks for sharing an amazing poem.
    I've got some tips for writing the love poems

    1. Pick three-to-five classic love poems to read to the class. Have love songs playing in the background. Then, pass out the packet of love poem lyrics to the students. Ask the students to share their favorite ones. Place the books on a chalk tray or table for students to use as model poems.

    2. Give students the handout on love poems.

    3. Keep playing the love songs in the background as students write their poetry. Some students will feel somewhat silly writing love poetry. Students can write about their love for their parents, siblings, relatives, friends, pets, or a special someone.

    4. Give students time to start a rough draft of the love poem in class.

    5. Assign students to write a final copy of the love poem for homework. Students should illustrate it too. Decorations make the poem more interesting.

    6. Make a bulletin board and post every single poem on Valentine’s Day or any time when a little shot of love is needed in the classroom. Title the bulletin board "Love Poems and Nothing But Love Poems."

  • Global Veteran

    The Burden of the Brutalized is Not to Comfort the Bystanza

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