• i would like to know you guys opinions on this! please comment ( ^ω^)

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    @baldshinobi I think I know where a gun is...I'll get back to u on that!

    Jk 😂

  • Well have never been dead before so can’t really say, but I feel there is..
    Soo it’s just my ops

  • @baldshinobi i don't think so. I mean our particles continue to exist and take on some sort of form, our matter becomes part of something else. But i don't think we have any sentient consciousness or memory of who we are now

  • To throw light on the answer to the above question, It will be important to state one of the laws of nature " Energy/Matter Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed" Life is a form of energy/matter so it can Never end but rather transformed.

    When a child is born the mind of the child is in a state of Tabularasa ( A clean slate ) While one lives the slate is been filled up with the life time experiences of the person. The person is always conscious of all which he does, good or bad. Throughout the life time of the person he creates different types of consciousness/energy, all written on the Slate, during this period of time the Slate can be edited.

    When the person dies the Physical body is transformed to dust, and there's is a FULL STOP on the Slate which has been filled with different forms of energy/consciousness. It can never be rewritten or edited at this point. After life begins with the person being awaken to a different consciousness, in this new state the persons evaluates him/her self with what ever is on the slate for eternity. If the person was a good person and lived a fulfilled life, the person will be accomplished, happy, joyous, and blissful in that consciousness (Most people perceive this state of consciousness to be Heaven). But, if the person was a bad and wicked person while he/she lived, their will be a feeling of anguish, guilt, sadness ,failure and restlessness. (Most people perceive this sate of consciousness to be Hell.) All these happens for eternity.

  • Try DMT ....🤘

  • @χανιєя or maybe not 😁

  • If you ask for my opinion, I would say yes. But our souls will live not our flesh. It will be eternal either in heaven or hell. Well, you might ask how do I know when I am not died . I know because I believe. I believe because that's faith. :)

    John 5:24 – Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that heareth my word, and believeth on Him that sent me, have everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. - To avoid eternal punishment, Jesus Christ is instructing readers to abide by His teachings.

  • Well never know about that unless you died once and got reincarnated lmao

  • @Belle123 dead* rip eng

  • @Belle123 well english is not my first Language so sorry about that also wtf is "you dead once"?

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    @baldshinobi I think if somebody dies
    His ghost will changes and goes to the annother body has burned

  • I believe there is another adventure or chapter after life. I died once, but I decided not to take on that new quest yet, so I came back. The feeling is surreal, but it is nothing to fear. I know there will be something on the other side, it has already been written for me, but what that is and if it is different or the same for everyone, I do not know. I think what you do in this life will have some sort of effect though for the next phase in your journey.

  • @baldshinobi I will subjectively answer your question first we can not prove scientifically there isn't or there's one because our knowledge is still limited.
    But if I fellow my heart I tend to there is .

  • Life for who

  • @Smayle no I'm not saying yours. I'm saying my previous post

  • @Belle123 Is this from the Bible?

  • @GreyWind yes pal.. it's from the bible.

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    @χανιєя That's actually really fckn funny 😂😂😂

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