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  • Nothing just despair

  • @aldi-xanana day of judgement?

  • There are a number of possible answers that I usually present.

    1.) Your own mind constructed reality and placed itself in the world in which you are living. In other words, you are the only real person, everyone else is basically just intelligent robots. So, when you die, you will have left the reality you created for yourself.

    2.) Life was created as a sort of simulation by an intelligent alien species. You and everyone you know are already fake.

    3.) Whatever consciousness is driving you will simply vanish, and you won't have any time to think or reflect on it, meaning you will cease to exist.

    4.) You will become another person in another timeline, unaware of your previous life.

    5.) You are already controlling every living being in the universe. Every microsecond, you control your actions for a fraction of a second and switch to the next person. Every time you switch, the memories of that specific person are loaded. This means that what you experience as a continuous life is actually the same consciousness that controls every living thing.

    The last one is a somewhat unpolished idea with which I have come up.