• In religious studies you see It says life is fair because God is fair and has justice. I believe that God has justice but I don't believe he uses that in this world.

    I have seen many who get what they don't deserve in life and many who don't get what they deserve in life.

    What is your idea about it??? Do you think life has been fair with you till this moment? If no, can you give an example?

  • This is a great topic @daciana, and you put your thinking across really well. But I don't think you necessarily have to get God involved. I'll explain what I mean: I've always had working class jobs. I've gradually picked up quite a decent position of authority, and enough cash to buy all the things I could ever want: a house, a very poncey watch, a family, my choice of car, plenty of spare time, etc -- all the things you'd associate with rich people and yuppies.

    I don't think it's a question of people getting what they deserve or not, it's more about a person going crazy because they've taken a poor route towards what they deserve.

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    @daciana Well, considering that I am only a young adult, I have found life to be unfair on numerous occasions..One throws curses at life, only because one thinks that life doesn't play out as smoothly as he expects, and that all his wishes are not able to be fulfilled. For me, I had once wished to make a lot of friends in a new environment, but I seemed to be socially and intellectually isolated, and thus I failed in my attempt to befriend others..to be honest, I still do!
    On critical occasions, I have even felt suicidal, and I think I owe the transient depression to academic causes and violent mood changes...To rub salt on the wound, one of my closest friends perished trying to battle stress, same as me..I was speechless for days, and it took me quite some time to recover...I have matured since, I guess..
    Conclusion, many times have I felt that life was unjust and that God was nowhere near, and that my wishes were not even being heard, much less followed or respected. Anyways, I just thought if I could attempt to make my life a wee bit less miserable than I take it to be, I will smile at the other end..I am still in the process, starting with making new friends!:smiley: :smiley:

  • @daciana Personally, I'd never considered the notion of life being fair, or unfair. Also, having not been raised with any Christian faith I don't see life, and it's events and experiences as Demonic or Divine. I rather view the life experience like a cosmic slot machine. You're set to play and play on, knowing you'll lose, but still you play in expectation of the eventual win. The game is rigged, and not in your favor, but you continue to play, regardless, as within the randomness you may get lucky, and be rewarded a nice payout, every once in a while.

  • @daciana Yeah life is not fair to everyone, but sometimes we are the one making our own lifes unfair......It's a combination of good time and bad time and you have to bear both, But important is to have faith nd believe in yourself and work hard to overcome any situation and enjoy every moment of the life...🙂

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    It's Yes and No answer for me, yes life has been fair, because am still Alive, No life hasn't been fair because my progress looks slow, although much effort has been put in. Mum

  • Everything is fair whatever happening in this world but u should have to believe on

  • Well, Life is not a Person who controls you, it is solely upto us what we are willing to give for "a fair life". Fair efforts for a fair life, that's what I think.

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  • @daciana

    I assume so far I've could done better with a few people and myself and if karma is real I could afirme im frustrated with some issues, but I don't wanna believe this is out of my control...

  • I don't know if life has been fair with me. And I am an atheist. So no one's God can help me get a fair life but me. Till now I've been through a lot of ups and downs and recently I've been feeling low. But I believe good things are waiting for me. So I think if not now, maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll feel good again.

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    @Lazz Haha, I do love that quote!😂

  • @daciana I do see people whom I think are getting less when they deserve to experience more.

    But I never thought of life being consistently either fair or unfair.

    It varies from time to time and it basically just depends on how a person perceives the things that he/she deserves.

  • @daciana Let me approach answering your question little indirectly. I think you'll perceive my proposition better.

    An atheist friend was recently trying to justify the nonexistence of God using several aprioristic theories. I am pretty convinced by him!
    I never knew that I was destined to justify the existence of God in a way that makes no reference to the validity of his apriorism. I told him about Life — a greater truth about life. Most of us come across a series of events at a certain point in our lives when we are left with no clue as to what mistakes we have committed for which we're being punished. We often try to avoid those events or undo them but we fail to carve our lives the way we want them to be. Sometimes we are so unlucky that those events bring exactly the opposite outcome of what we might have desired. And the bitter truth is that we cannot avoid accepting what comes our way. Now, the point I tried making was that those who believe in God will eventually start accepting these events sometimes as punishments for their misdeeds of the past lives and sometimes as opportunities to rectify their mistakes in their present lives. They become introspective and keep correcting themselves by believing that God has always a better life to give ahead of the present days. Even if this way of thinking may appear unscientific, it makes them more sensible in leading a balanced life. However, true atheists are either those who do not believe in the existence of God or those who think God has been cruel to them. The second type of atheists think they are theistic but do not understand that true believers cannot doubt in the unending love and benevolence of God. Nevertheless, both the kinds of atheists fail to accept the upheavals of life. Hence, even if they are more scientific, they lack the ability to deal with this greater truth about life. I do have a feeling that most scientists, who have later been recognised as great philosophers of the modern world, have understood this underlying importance of theistic faith in God, irrespective of their belief in religion or in the conventional advocacy of the theories on "sin and righteousness"! So, whether you think God has right events for you or not is absolutely your own perception about life. Do you really know what you deserve?

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    What's NOT FAIR is always picking the ones with the weird fruit goop in the middle! :grin:

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    @daciana life is unfaire with me, it has given too much to me i think. As in the people i met and the luck i have. While some people just get fucked for no reasons

  • Who am I decide whether my life was fair to me or not, no one is worthy enough to decide that and I am not even talking it in meta physical (god/religious) sense. I don't believe in god, so for me there is absolutely no one to decide whether its fair or not. Though many people can question my life (myself included) but can't conclude anything from them. Life is not meant to be fair, neither it is meant to be unfair. Life is just a reflection of your choices, life shouldn't carry a meaning, its not meant to carry a meaning, life is subjective, you can claim that your life is fair or not but I can tell whatever you conclude its pretty wrong, you can call your life unfair but there will always be atleast one person who dream to live a life like yours.

  • Well idk what is fair and what is not..but i believe everything happens or a reason. And the people you are talking about whom you have seen get what they didn't deserve or not get what they did deserve .....i would like to tell you i am 100% sure you couldn't have been there with them all the times of their life to see if they did deserved that or not. I know we face a lot of hardships and we often feel like we don't deserve whatevers happening with us but if these are necessary for our lives, if they weren't there in our life our life would've been so plain and simple ....those hardships are what makes it our lives and sometimes those hardships only get us out of some bigger problems. Just remember one thing always be happy and just accept whatever is happening to you ..everything happens for the best

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    @happymiss @happymiss yes everything Happens for a reason no doubt, that's why I learnt to accept your snub 😂 and know everything happens for the Best 👍 nice write-up thou

  • @daciana In short, everything from God is good and we must accept it because God is infallible.

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