Do you have dreams? Have you fulfilled them? Do you feel content with your life now?

  • Hello, people of the world. I'm Ara, Asian 24. I'm only here just to talk to new people. I am seeking for inspirations. Anyone with great achievement stories, please share yours with me :") If you have none, you can still talk to me. I like funny and inspiring people.

  • Yes . Not yet but hopefully,I just need to stay determined. There are no substitutes for hard work and good strategies. Inspiration is good but hard work with a strategy is what gets things done. I feel there is much more to do.

  • Now that I look back in time, there's plenty reasons for me to feel happy, in spite of not fulfilled any of my dreams. Or is it a dream to be good to people? I don't know, but that's one of the things i've been doing and I feel nice about that.

  • I have dreams but nothing inspirational I believe, but I do know animes that have inspired me to continue working on some of them
    "Kuroko's basketball" for sport/team play inspiration
    "Food wars" for cooking inspiration, this show made me want to cook proper dinners instead of frying up chicken and eating it with bread because I was lazy 😂
    "Your lie in april" for instrument inspiration

    Hopefully I was of some assistance

  • @bunyonb yessss that what makes it happen. Hard work and determination. But beyond that sometimes fear appears :(

  • @spartanbats lol you love watching anime so much? Haha. I like anime too, but not much of them that I watch. Like, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Detective Conan 😎
    That's pretty cool tho, you found inspiration by watching anime

  • @davitchen dreams here be more like your life goals, achievements 😁 because I feel if I just lived my life following the flow, it feels empty. But I find that you carry such a grateful heart, which is, pretty rare nowadays lol How old are you?

  • @Ara I didn't watch them initially for inspiration, the show was just that good. I watch many types of anime but I've a preference in art. Couldn't get into full metal alchemist

  • @spartanbats what do you want to be in life? This is not a joke, but I'm asking for what you truly want to be 😁 mind to share your biggest desire with me?

  • @Ara my answer is a bit weird. Personally I don't necessarily know what I want to be job wise or anything like that, the only thing I've ever known is I want to be reasonably good at many things to be an all rounder, so when I have kids I can show them a large range of possible interests so they can figure out what they enjoy early on in life because I didn't have that opportunity, I was already entering college before I found most of my interests.

  • @Ara This is also another thing you have to watch out for. You have another obstacle which is ironically yourself. Self-doubt and fear are things that you have to wrestle with on a daily basis. Fear isn't isn't all bad,just misdirected when it comes to achieving your goals. Fear wants to protect you from uncertainty and danger but life is a stochastic process. There is nothing anyone can do no matter how much money,resources,associations he/she has from preventing a disaster when it occurs. You can only prepare for what you know and what can be preventable. Fear appears overwhelming at first but fear doesn't stay with you if you wait it out. You have to learn to wrestle with it when it becomes a hindrance,acknowledge it and let it dissipate on its own. Meanwhile, keep working despite your fears,doubts and naysayers. It is a painful necessity to work alongside your fear,to do what needs to be done despite the perceived negative feelings. I learn much of this from studying eastern philosophy such as Buddhism,Taoism and Zen two years ago. After all of that inquiry with a half-assed practice of meditation and contemplation, I noticed an overall reduction in habits of worrying,procrastination,greater self-control and a more rational mind. It's like I grew up but with the awareness of what I lack and still lack. Everyday I am working and time is precious. I understand the role of feelings,its influence on the human mind and behavior, and how it can be deceiving and lead us to make stupid decisions and say stupid things if we do not analyze them.

  • Wow @bunyonb that's quite.... an enlightenment. Thank you so much, I'll consider them as insights for living. You should become a great motivator, your advices are great!

  • @Ara Thank you. It is because I wrestle with the same problems you might be having yourself for years. I still have a lot of work to do but the point is that you shouldn't give up and keep working. For example I have some weaknesses in mathematics that im working on. That's what makes life so challenging and interesting at the same time.

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