• Hey all!
    I'm here to meet new people and talk to them about their life and needs. I was travelling recently and had a lot of time to spend. So, I joined TWS. However, after chatting with many random people, I realized that in the random chat section, almost 99% of people come for sexting. They begin their conversation by writing their gender and age (e.g. M26). Most of them are men. I met at least 100-150 people where I guess I met only one woman (in random chat section, those who chat without a login) who just sent me the link that has her nudes and immediately disappeared. Most men are so frustrated that they start their conversation by saying "send me your nudes, I'm feeling horny", or "are you horny" or "show me your boobs" or "let me pierce through your pussy" etc. etc. I mean isn't there anyone here who just want to talk about life beyond these redundant talks! I felt so boring that I kinda started abusing from the very beginning by calling them "dumb", "foolish", "loose balls", "wicked fool" or even "son of a bitch", when he called me a bitch. It so happens that sometimes you just feel like talking to anyone and share yourself, your inner thoughts about life and death or your hobbies and frustrations. I met a guy from Egypt who sent me a piece of his artwork, a cartoon. I liked the way he approached. So, my point is why do most guys just come here to talk about sex? Do you talk about drinking water? Sex is as natural as drinking water or chilling out when you feel tired. The internet already has so many porn sites to visit for nude pictures, aren't there?. I think this site can be used for a variety of good reasons that makes sense. For example, an Australian guy can meet a Japanese or German one and can talk about the difference of art, culture, food and lifestyle. One can even learn about how people are treated differently in different countries. Yes, you can obviously date for an international partner and end up actually getting married happily for life. But I bet, you won't marry someone with whom you are starting your chat by saying "are you horny?". People come here when they feel alone. So, why can't we try knowing about the other person we're talking with? Isn't it more logical? You can get wonderful friends (both from the same gender and from the opposite ones) which otherwise you can never find. Where this site gives us so much of great opportunities, why can't we start utilizing it for proper reasons. I mean this "sex" is such a little topic that it can never foster long talks and you can never meet new friends which is the reason why this site has been created!

  • @Ani92
    As for everything else in life, I can only speak for myself. When I'm looking to sext and more polite than most of those rude people that you speak of however I think you adequately answer your question for me it is more about connecting with somebody the relationship between two people even if it is just for sex then just the sexting.
    It is more important for me to make a connection with someone did have a brief relationship even though it pertains strictly to sexting it is better than being alone on a porn site although that is preferable to some of the assholes I've run across.
    I hope this adequately answers part of your question.
    if you would like further info or had more questions I'll be happy to discuss this with you.
    Hit me up anytime I'm a real human being it's not just about the sex.