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    okei this was the most awkward conversation i have had in a while, it was with a girl, but she wouldn't tell me her name, nor she would tell me where she is from. At first i thought it was okei but the conversation got more awful by the time. She was not a very interesting person, i tried to make conversation and stuff. It all turned so bad when i asked her to share what kind of conversations she had, like the most interesting ones, the ones to remember. She turned so paranoid and said " who are you ? do you know me ? are you trying to make me remember a conversation we had?" I was speechless. Somewhere along there i said " i hope i dont run into you again" after that the conversation turned so depressing.She was like " why are you so mean to me? what did i ever do wrong to you ? and other stuff like that. I said "okei lets sort this all out. i tell you mine name and you tell me yours." She said" i would never say my name. if i told you before, it would be sofia, eva or maria." After that it was a mild conversation. I was just curious so i kept going a bit. But she was very defensive and insecure about everything. I mean she wasn't even okei telling me her favorite subjects. Finally i just said what i felt about her, and asked her to take care of herself and farewell. But still, that conversation was the most depressing and traumatizing conversation for me on this site. I have had conversed with a lot of annoying people, weird people with weird fetishes and what so ever. But that was unique. I still wonder what her problem was....

  • @jynextremist well shit 😅

  • @jynextremist Thats really interesting >.>, dont see stuff like that everyday

  • @jynextremist i think i know who you're talking about

  • @alexthealien You barely know me, and you already think I'm strange..

  • @blooddrunk nah then drunk you're the most sane person I know :)

  • @alexthealien Damn right.