• Why do people like your friends keep on saying that they're busy and barely reply ? Are they really that busy or just don't want to talk to you ? It's like you do all the talking then they just end it like nothing at all .. It really hurts deep inside when friends in real life do that to you and they never understand how you actually feel about them not replying to you . Is it better to leave those people and just forget that you care about them who don't even care about you ? or maybe... they do care but in a really small amount . Thanks!

  • @rosestar I just got blocked on whatsapp by my college best friend. Upon asking she said that things have moved on and she is not the same person as she was before. She also said that I have too much time in my hands and if i were busy like she was I wouldnt be feeling the need to constantly be in touch. And she was right(women usually are). After college she got a scholarship and is working as a research scholar on an esteemed govt firm. And I am here shuffling through jobs. Some american writer once said, a man constantly needs to meet new people else he would soon find himself alone in life. While it is all rosy to say and hear all those hyped blahs about friendship, the reality is that the intimacy wanes out over time and you will find yourself stuck in a rut.

  • @rosestar
    It's not nice when that happens, but the chance still remains that maybe they are too busy and have other things going on.
    This doesn't change the fact it's a basic curtisy to let people know, to respond and to inform.
    Life can often get in the way of a simple reply. I must admit I have been guilty of this in the past, as no doubt many other users on here have been to.

    It doesn't stop the fact that it hurts. It's bad enough for it to happen once or twice but when it becomes a regular thing it's just plain rude.
    For me, in that situation, I would happily move on as these people are clearly not worth it. I'm not saying that's an easy thing to do, but for the sake of sanity it's the best way to go.
    Prior to that course of action there is always the route of trying to speak to them inorder to attemp to find out why they are being such an ass. The good thing about this idea is the fact that if they still don't respond or are very blazay about it at least you know you have tried. I have found in the past that 'not trying* can cause just as much pain as how the people were in the first place.

    Keep your chin up girl ;)

  • @shaun-durwin damn what have you done with peanuts?? hahah .. thanks ! Maybe they aren't really friends at all .. I keep having this constant thinking that they don't care about me anymore and maybe they just find me annoying

  • @lola21 no thanks dear but thanks for the site though. I am just not after that

  • @rosestar Hahaha , as I said to @wildwallflower on a different post, I could no longer stop myself from delighting on the dry roasted nature of Mr Peanut, so after many times of sotpping myself, I could no longer resist and I ate him :O

    As for your friends, if nothing has happened to cause a problem between you and them, they will always 'be friends' but maybe not in the same capacity.
    Regarding them finding you annoying ... wtf??? how on earth would anyone pass that judgement on you? I mean, like Really??? Come on girl be real :O
    After your singing I'm surpriesed they are not beating your door down for autographs !

  • @barton Omg thank you so much barton! Life just has to go on without them I guess

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