Is there anyone at your school or in your life that you just absolutely hate and want them to be gone?

  • If there is anybody you really hate what do you do when they really are rude to you?

  • @danaliz-cabello Yes. I try to rise above it, and not bite back. I'm just thankful I'm not around them full time!

  • @danaliz-cabello I agree with @bushmurry
    you have to just be the bigger person and look past their childish rude behavior

  • It is just useless to pay attention to their stupid talks. I just ignore them.

  • @sanchit That is not always a possibiltiy if they're in group and have you on the pick.

  • @blooddrunk in that case i try to take it sportingly and give him back whenever I get a change but in a polite or joking manner.

  • not at all, I let things go easily, unless the subject is unbalanced then I take things into my own hands and try to balance it, but no one I want dead, I can get people away from me if I try

  • Me. I want myself gone and so does everyone else.

  • @Viktor, why would anyone want you dead and why you want yourself dead? you have a life to complete

  • @bompies I watch my peers get relationships and get laid while I'm here in my pit of self-wallowing, only good at playing some video games. Occasionally my self esteem rises high enough for me to annoy some fucking people by calling them normies and being a prick, until I realize normies are the happy ones and I am not.

  • you are a more depressed me so this isn't my thing to say but ill do it anyways, go get balls and just ask someone out, I'm not looking for shit is why but i mean, just try it, you could get denied but that is one person over plenty other, preference is a strong thing and also, go be happy with the bros or get some to be happy with, love isn't everything

  • Thanks everyone for great advice and responses 😃

  • Actually, I hate most of the people at my school. Some people canbe really mean, you know. But sadly, there's nothing I can do.

  • Some people are always making fun of you and snubbing you at everything you say. You can reply back when they make fun of you or are rude but I don't know how to tackle the snubbing part. It sucks to not to reply once you have been snubbed

  • @coolvarun totally agree I hate mostly everyone at my school besides my friends

  • No I don't have anyone in mind

  • I have a lot of people I don't want to exist(my best friend included)but they may not understand they are rude to you or in their perspective they may be correct so if I had a switch which would erase people I hate then I would destroy that switch immediatly.All the people I hate have their own lives and people that loves them so erasing them would really not be way to solve the big puzzule ,if think calm mindedly,you will understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!