• Well,

    I'm almost certain, there's something wrong with me. I mean, I always attract "weird people", for relationships.
    There was a girl, which was really sick, I mean mental illness.
    Later, there was a girl, which had some personal problems. She got raped. And she wanted to get revenge on every man (well I wasn't aware of that till certain point).
    Then, there was a girl, which she was dating only younger guys (to get also revenge on).
    After all that, I just gave it a rest. So I ended up having a good relationship (or so I thought), with a woman, with which I have a young daughter (all about money for God's sake).
    So we're not together anymore,but I do care about my daughter.
    Few months after, I was with a relationship with an older woman. Everything was cool, until she told me, that she's a widow, and she needs help. I did help her, a lot (mental, money, health), but after that she thought that I'm hers. I couldn't get out with friends, or even to visit my mom.
    Lastly, I've met a girl, first we chat on Instagram,then we met. Everything was cool, toll also certain point - she was alcoholic. She was drinking as hell. Every time, she could get hands on some alcohol, she would drink it empty. Every time.

    So, maybe there is something wrong with me after all, but for now - I'm not into any relationship anymore. I'm done

  • I don't think there's a problem with u. It can't be and I'm happy u have a daughter whom u love. The girls who wanted to take revenge have definitely done the same to other guys as well. about The alcoholic one the problem is hers and the widow one had kept an important secret from u and she had grew obsession over u maybe specially because u helped her a lot(like a fear the she won't find another guy like u to help her this much).

  • @Futushimo Bro,
    I've seen some of these things before, it happens to everybody. I've watching a lot of steve harvey's videos lately, he always says, you attract what you put out there. I don't blame you, I call it bad luck, but probably, there's something in your behaviour that attracts these types of people to you.
    They say, healers attract broken people, maybe you're the type of person, who listens, help, interacts with people and try to fix them. Probably you're too empathatic with people and that attracts them to you.
    Don't consider this as an insult. Empathy is great and not a lot of people are empathatic with others. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who truly listens to you, gives you his time and genuinly try to help you. Maybe you're that type of guy.

  • @Hedi
    Well I am a person, which went through a lot. I know how is to be in pain, how is to be hungry.
    I am an emotional guy, and I do help a lot, just if I can. I am emotional guy too, and as I said - if I can, I will always help, listen to other people's problems etc.
    So maybe there is something in me, which attracts that kind of people.
    I'm just done now with women. I mean, deep in my heart, I wanna just be happy. But I think it's not the time now for me.

  • @Futushimo Yeah, probably that's the best solution at the moment.
    As they say, healers need healing too, so you need a break from it all.
    Good luck bro

  • Futushimo....This is a very strong story but I believe in nature, everything happens not just as planned but how it comes... That shouldn't give you the mind to relent in meeting some other....