• i went through some old comments and there were A LOT of hateful ones. plenty of slut shaming ones. my body is not a political playground. a slut is what i make it: a person who doesn’t give a shit about what anyone says about them and is proud to be who they are. i constantly get called a “slut” on here and for what? having my bio say “i want all my holes filled”? y’all hate me because i has a bio that said “i want all my holes filled”? so you’re on your phone and come across my account and you’re like, “ugh i hate them because they have said a sexual thing. they are such a slut!” is that it? you really have to be fucked up in the head to leave a hateful comment for no good fucking reason. i feel sorry for you all. yeah i will get on here and say what i feel like saying because i am unapologetically me. maybe if y’all weren’t so insecure and hateful then maybe you’d feel that way too. anyway, bye bitches enjoy life while ur livin.

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    @kith In this fu*king world many types of people, if they are tell you some bad, that's means they have dirty mind, not you.You just make some distance from them, ignore them. It's your life, and it will run in your conditions...
    Don't worry, Be happy...
    All is well...:smile:

  • You think about things waaaaaaaayyy too much. Just do whats comfortable for you.

  • @Bobbi-Will-Burn you think about things waaaaaaaaaay too less.

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    @kith, Yeah @Bobbi-Will-Burn is right. because, The dogs keep barking, but the lion does not retreat.

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  • With that attitude, the only hole I wish you'd have filled is your mouth.

  • This is why I find so many of ur posts amusing😂 The fact that u seem to get so many people in a uproar and For what cause u put the desire to have “ur holes filled “ 🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s really not a big deal. Those who live there life, by the standers set by people who tell them that this or that is normal & those who live different are wrong are all just missing out on living a full & satisfying,stand ur ground and don’t let the options of others affect you and your pursuit for happiness let the hate that others bring you motivate you to be everything you want and more it’s just puzzling 🤔 that a site that is filled with pervers & pedophiles & ur the one who’s having shade thrown ur way for what ya put in ur bio

  • @SaintFWolf why don’t you fill yours by sucking on my dick dipshit.

  • @kith How kind of you! But look, I understand your thirst for penises, so please, keep it for yourself. Even better, I know that it wouldn’t be enough, you can take mine too.

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    Strange World, Strange People. People are pissing here too.... is there left anything to say...

  • @SaintFWolf i don’t want your crusty ass dick stfu.

  • @kith By the looks of what you said, you’d take anything at any moment.

  • @SaintFWolf by the looks of what you said, you obviously can’t comprehend and should go back to elementary school.

  • @kith Hard to be one that cannot "comprehend", when you yourself have no clue what a slut is. "a slut is a person who doesn't give a shit about what anyone says", good definition, but not for being a slut; let me give you a good term for what you've said: thick-skinned. I am not willing to do all your work, you can check yourself what a slut is - if you know how a dictionary works. And if you don't, look in the mirror. Is it a trait of your race? : )

  • @SaintFWolf like i said my body is not a political playground. a slut is what i make it. i have reclaimed the word from insecure slut shaming men. also you’re really in my comments offering your nasty ass dick to a me, a minor.

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    “a trait of your race” i sense racistttttt

  • @Bobbi-Will-Burn wanna pm?

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    @Unscented-Candle hey lets have chat