• I’m sorry if I disrespected you I didn’t see it till my bipolar came to me…I’m sorry to a lot of people like to my brother boots I’ve been a real bitch to him over those few months…all I can say is I’m sorry to those I hurt over the few days or weeks I was on I’m just saying this coz I don’t know if I was keep on living even tho I’ll miss a few people on here I can say who but……I just can’t live on if I keep on making mistakes in my life I got nothing to be here for……bye
    PS. A few quotes

    If you just forget me, life will be easier so you wouldn't have to make all the sacrifices that I made, life would be easier if you just would have forgotten me from the start

    What ever you see in me it isn't me tell me what you think of me and see if your right there never a wrong answer there only the truth don't feel bad for me if you see anything bad in me it's just me it's never you

    If you see I'm happy I'm only gonna be happy for awhile bc I break down that fast that you can't see it and no one know on how to see my smile

    It feel like I'm dying inside my small world every word I say it feels like I'm drowning no one can hear it even tho your there with me you can't see the pain I feel the pain think about the pain you felt as a child and think on how many people are going through a pain that never goes away

    There are wounds that never show on the body that are keeper and more hurtful then anything that bleeds

    Depression feel like your drowning inside your own mind

    I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what going on in ur head when you don't even understand it yourself

    I say "I'm sorry" a lot because I feel like everything mostly my fault

    If this is how my life gonna be I don't want it anymore

    People tell me to stay strong keep fighting but they don't understand...I've already lost

    Ime slowly giving up

    When you're depressed you don't control your thought your thoughts control you I wish people would understand this

    Depression isn't alway at 3 am sometimes it hits you at 3 pm when your with friend and when your half way through a laugh and you just stop

    When ever I have a good few months and I think I've gotten over my Worst of my depression it silently returns this isn't a battle I ask to fight I'm tired for knowing it always come back

    The worst kind of sad is the sad where you try to Ignore it and then it gets so bad that one day your just break down and you just can't take it anymore

    I just hate those moments after I'm done crying and I just sit tree emotionless

  • @good_girll who are u talking to?

  • @liliputian1 let’s just say I might be leaving for good or it may take my life

  • @good_girll stay strong

  • @good_girll Why would you even think about taking your life? I don't know your story but you have to understand that taking your life will not give any good to people around you and most importantly you will lose any chance of seeing better days. Is that what you really want? You have to believe and fight for better and more positive things, knowing that even worse things do become better after some time. Listen, everyone has or eventually will suffer from depression, you have to understand that you've come a long way. You already know the cause of your problems, and that's depression. Once you know the cause of your problems it becomes easier to fight for better. I had many problems in my fucking life and I have never thought about killing myself because I decided to try and fix those problems, you know why? Because I imagined myself to be a happier and better person in the future. Why don't you try and set that as your future goal? My English might be hard to understand, sorry (see I say sorry a lot :D)

  • @good_girll Don't be stupid.

  • Hey! Stop. I block your path. Before going forward, fuck me off... Never quit. OK