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    So, I've decided to leave TalkWithStranger.

    There are many reasons why. One of the reasons being that back when I first joined up this site in September 2019, I was a bored college student with lots of free time. By now, I've graduated and I'm now employed in my field of choice. This leaves me with a lot less of free time to spend on social media sites, including TWS. A second reason would be that I feel like most of the people I was the closest to have either left or otherwise reduced their activity here. Sadly, TWS is not as much fun as it used to be.

    I would like to use this opportunity to say that I very much enjoyed my time here. I did! I really-really did :) This community of people has shown me a lot of love, care and friendship, which I'll never forget. I love how this site is like a mosaic tapestry of wonderful diversity. There are users here from all age groups, from different nationalities and with different personalities.
    The way this site melds all these individuals together into a fully-fledged community is just amazing. No one is ever left out, there is room for everyone here. I wish I could lend you all my eyes for only a brief second so you could see TWS the way I did. It's just so... beautiful.

    I would like to give out special shoutouts to these users (in no particular order): @Lazz, @Scottish, @Sup, @TheRisingSun, @enton, @BobFoot777, @Ash-Ketchup33, @widdlefappy33, @Jessssss, @spaceboy, @KETholic, @Lurker, @littlelion12, @NathanOnFire, @Sam, @Vanie, @belethor, @Matt_Aranha, @Indrid-Cold, @pe7erpark3r, @Eye and @Morf. All of these people are truly awesome, and it's been a privilege to have met you all :) I love you guys so-so much!

    My super special shoutout goes to @Thales_BG. He is one of the kindest, friendliest people I've ever met, period. He is a truly wonderful person with a very big heart, and I want everyone here to know that.

    If anyone ever feels like messaging me or continuing any conversations we had here, I also exist on Reddit. My username is rational_owl (omfg another lame bird-inspired name wow sarah you are so original lmao)

    So, this is it. I'm going to log off now. I will never forget all the fun experiences I had on this site, and I have zero regrets.

    I wish all of you lots of love! Please take care of each other <3 <3 <3

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    Goodbyes can be indeed a bit sad but when the main reason is work and busy life, I don't think that's quite bad. As long as you keep in touch with the ppl that you became close to andd on't lose contact with everyone, everything will be ok.

    This place has a very big diversity of ppl, some are worth our time and some make us question why spend time in here, it's inevitable. I just thank you for the endless times we spent talking and glad I did have a positive impact on your stay!

    I totally relate with your feeling of seeing this place as something else when all our friends and active playbuddies leave this site, after all i'm just another soul that was lost in the nether after most of my friends left. But keep the good memories, you won't regret <3

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    I hate to see you go 😭 but I am happy that you found something you've been looking for in life and congratulations on your graduation and employment please come visit every so often. A lot of people maybe like this site when I first joined heading for the exit that is sad. I will miss you Sarah kind of ironic I did read your profile again today and that was before I read.this post

  • @sarah_the_magpie I will miss you for sure but take care...

  • My super special shoutout goes to @Thales_BG. He is one of the kindest, friendliest people I've ever met, period. He is a truly wonderful person with a very big heart, and I want everyone here to know that.

    Well, I don't even know what to say to all this, but about this compliment, I think I will be taking a break from this place in order to keep myself from contradicting this statement. This place is indeed an awesome place full of diversity. But with this unlimited diversity, of course some people will be bent on ruining this environment. I need to accept that this place is going to feel like a little less interesting to me with your departure, but I feel like there is still people out here in need of a rescue from the hands of asl Guy's and troll, and to be shown what this place could be like (a place to met people that are legit interested in making friends and sharing stories).

    I will not lie, if this was a "thanks have a nice life" type of goodbye, I think I would need a couple of months to recover from the sorrow, but since we are still in touch, the feel like I am ok.

    So, yeah, I will be taking a break from all this because I ain't a kid anymore and I shouldn't behave like one, although I am extremely pissed off with some people around here, I will not be spending my time and sullying my name in order to feel like I managed to make them feel what I am feeling.

    Also, for anybody wondering who was Sarah around here, she was one of the most interesting, smart and funny person to ever join this place. And her departure is a loss for the whole community in my humble opinion.

    Fly safe Little magpie, hope you have fun out there.

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    Hope you live a adventurous and nice life Sarah.Adieu

  • @sarah_the_magpie Glad we were able to share some time, some banter, some fun, and even some great tunes here! I'd wish you the Best, but you already are. Always, be well, and think of me at Christmastime!

  • @sarah_the_magpie Hope everything goes well for you Sarah 😀

    I'm using this opportunity to say that I'm gonna leave this site too, coz I'm not having much fun here. Peace out ✌️

  • im sorry to see you go. you seem like from what i know an amazing person. maybe one day you'll be able to come back? :)

  • Its sad that you are going. Though we havent chat nor we knew each other... i saw ur most posts and u seemed real nice. Hope to see you back sometime... for now goodbye and take care

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    @sarah_the_magpie hol up.....tf do I say....idk love you tho :))))

  • @Nibba_Nibby I guess nobody understood what you were trying to say, which is LAME. UwU

  • Wherewhere

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    @enton all these heartfelt replied and then i just see "oh fuck" 😂😂

    Then people be like "You are an asshole, you are a jerk, you are bla bla" 🤣

  • oh, right now I should say "Please stay" (sarcasm mode). See? You left like you said after the dramas. Based on experience, TWS cycle in this first quarter-term will always be like this. Well, i will say i wish you have a good day and your great life endeavour. Like i said, when you are back i will ask you like "oh you are back from your resignation in TWS?". Consider that like my welcome back words.

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