i don't know if this is going to be goodbye...

  • my life is taking too many dark turns... so i don't know what's going to happen...

  • Dont talk like that everything will work out

  • Zadus is right.We all have very bad moments that we can't see us going through but the truth is that we can we just gotta stay strong and then life brings the good.As they say "with every bad thing comes a god one"

  • @cool-mofo yeah but you don't know that all my life that I was abused and my grandma is going to die, so that would make 1 survivor left in my family- In other words, I only have 2 people left in my family, and I was abused by my dad physically and emotionally, verbally too. I get bullied in school, I went to a mental facility three times, I came out positive for being completely insane- but now what's left of my life? I've tried multiple doctors, multiple pills, multiple therapists, nothing's helping. It just keeps haunting me, there's no end to this.

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