• since im here, see what you think on this and have to offer. i have a goal this year to get more in shape and fit than i ever have been. i am not that overweight but my belly could use some work. tired of being out breath climbing simple stairs! so i have already started my lifting and running/walking

    the advice is here. i am starting that new rave diet the intermediate 8/16 hr fast. you eat your calorie intake in an 8 hr window then you dont eat for the remaining 16. just drink alot of water. so since i have never fasted, when should i get my workout in? will i get sleepy? how healthy is this on the heart? and how long til you start to feel the benefits? supposedly the body loves this and it helps everything organ wise, etc

    any thoughts?

  • Maybe Its better u see a specialist. I have heard they give u a proper plan that completely suits ur body based on height, waight and other stuff. Or u can try ur plan gradually so u would know in like one week If Its good for u or no. But just dont want to be in shape in a short time. I have seen a lot who damage their body cause they want abs in 2 months

  • i want the body of a swimmer/gymnast. might even do pilates. i have always admired male ballet dancers. some of the strongest guys on earth! and not all bulky

  • @mikeJB I have worked ballet before. as a woman It takes a very very long time to shape body. In like 4 months Just my thights had become firmer and in shape of a ballerina and no other where in my body had changed. So be patient and dont give up. Its hard but worth It.