A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.

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    No, I don't. Politics and, especially, religion, are of little interest to me. The less interest for me can be found only in conspiracy theories and spiritual practices.
    But thanks for the offer anyway.

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    @Silhouette weak?? Not religious but abrahamic religions just make them stronger and stronger
    Proof that Zoroatrianism idea and theology came from an ancient alien extratrestrials and spread like crazy even if it meants to contradicts each others ideology and sacrificing animal's life.

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    @Thales_BG Let's just admit it, it's impossible for a mere human to spread its religion crazily fast and gain large vast amount of many followers. So the idea behind of all religions ideology must came from an extraterestrials that claims to be angels or demons that will destroy human mankind and try to limit human's true intelligence from knowing the real harsh truth of the universe
    Also, if you ever watch the movie "WatchMen", there are scenes where Ozymandias even said that he have to trick the human's mind into believing in the alien's invasions to pay the price for world's 'peace':

  • @Thales_BG keep meaning to re-read it BG, i think i just read it too young when i was receptive enough, yes, but not intellectually formed enough yet to get it


    @Silhouette also... it is pretty sad you are so crude in your discourse... your profile is pretty interesting beside the fact that you are kinda blinded by political brain washing and religious zeal. I would love talking with you about how fucking awesome Opeth and Tool are, but something tell me you didnt get their message AT ALL! hopefully you will get it one day. and Hopefully not when your faith fucking dies like it tends to once you care about truth and facts.

  • @Indrid-Cold said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:

    @Devil-Tag _'movie' Watchmen? It was first and foremost a comic -- and if you've never read it, I envy you, m8, because it's the F business:


    Well the movie is certainly good! Well rounded screenplay. Maybe one of those instances of a movie being better and deeper than what it's based on?

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @Thales_BG You mentioned Zoroastrianism then you should at least try to mention LGBT as well, since gays are by far the most persecuted,forgotten (and invalidated!) group in the world.

    Not all of us know about LGBT. We should know more about their history, beliefs and orientation in order to begin to understand our own orientation. And in many cases our own history.

  • @Indrid-Cold said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:

    @pe7erpark3r No way, pal. Alan Moore is the Ju-Ju master, where you can read it backwards, upsidedown and you still get hidden stuff ala The Shining. And Dave Gibbons is such a cool artist. Precise, shrunk-down art that's Cinebook quality? U got it. Not a standard colour palette? Not a problem. BELIEVE THE HYPE.

    Good to know. Now I feel tempted to read a comic again, dang ๐Ÿ˜‚


    @Thales_BG Understood. No hard feelings.

    You have an excellent taste in music. Lateralus is a quality song, with powerful lyrics. My chosen Tool track would be ร†nema, but Lateralus would be a close second. Deliverance is also a wise pick.

  • Zoroastrians are plenty dude... i know lots of them. basically as far as i know it used to be the dominant religion in persia/iran till islam made a hostile take over and they all fled.
    And btw its a very deep and meaningfull, more than christianity or islam..

  • @Thales_BG I live in Cyprus mate. Were pretty tolerant here โœŒ Yeah haha in Iran you dont find any I think. The regime is very strict and the ppl that follow it are a bit... different lol.
    Regarding religions Islam and Cristianity are a bit twisted nowadays. And...Christianity killed more people than Hitler lol.


    @MarsAttacks Oh really? Cyprus? Cheers dude, I heard about how the new generation there is kinda getting over the whole turkish/greek situation going on there. is that right? also... I double checked, They say there are some Iranians zoroastrians, but maybe they dont live in Iran, i'm not sure. would need to watch the video again to be sure. but, yeah, Iranm doesn't seem like the most welcoming place when it comes to religious liberties.

  • @Thales_BG Yeah kindoff guess the mentality is shifting but it will take a loooong time before everyone accepts the situation. And... its a bit more complicated than greek/turkish. Baxsically, were Cypriots. Greek/c and Turkish/c. Theres a lot of opposing ideals going around, Some support that were Greek period. Some dont like the Greeks caused they screwed us over again and again. Some dont like the Turkish occupation. Some dont like the T/c either even though this was their home long bfr 74 events. and a handfull of ppl, with whom i associate my beliefs, put everything in the past and dont care about it. Shit happens. It happened over 40 years ago. Its not changing so... why should I view the subject and ppl in a negative light?
    Yeah lots of Persians are zoroastrians but fled the country. have a lot of prrrsian friends and cquaintances. Cool ppl. I like he lingo too.


    @MarsAttacks let's hope it can settle down for real in the future then, I've learned a bit about cyprus history, it is a very interesting place.
    Lots of archeological sites as well

  • @Thales_BG yep before ottoman occupation it was Greek. A lot of of ancient Greek ruins. Outside my city weve got an Apollo temple. Mehh Cypriots are very stubborn. Some idiots even want to increase our military, like the fact that turkey is kinda a superpower and if they wanted too invade we wouldnt withstand more than 24 hours before game over no matter how advanced our military is. Seriously..tsts


    @MarsAttacks Oh yeah... militaristic dudes are everywhere and no reason seem to penetrate their thick dumbskull sometimes... I mean... in here (brazil) we had people saying we should start making preparations to "defend our Sovereignty against whichever enemies", I mean, we couldn't even defend our country from a mexican cartel.

  • @Thales_BG No offense that president of yours and the regime are prickly! God damn fascist pig. Ours is a thieving lying bastard but nobody knows him or cares lol. Brazil huh? Shweet


    @MarsAttacks Bolsonaro is just a captain of the army. dude was never supposed to run a god damned country as messy as this one. But, you how it is... Democracy doesn't always work out the way it was supposed to... People are just dumb dude. everywhere, people are dumb.


    @MarsAttacks money, profit, capital AND some strong hand pulling all those cords from behind the curtains. let's never forget things are weird all of a sudden. that smells like some major plot to undermine western society. I would bet on Putin 100%. HEHEHEHE

  • @Thales_BG yeah...funny thing is, they dont even bother pulling the curtains anymore. they do everything in plain sight and if you got brains enough to figure anything out about whats really going on, well, youre a conspiracy theory loon. hahahaaa. no seriously the world iq is going down the toilet... u got flat earthers in brazil too btw?lol HAAHAHA

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