• If you could go back to one specific day in history, what day would it be? Give me something interesting!
    Thank you,

  • the day i die hope its 8.8.2018

  • I want to be back to 7.17.2017 (7.17.17) to confess and ask @WtfJudith to be with me forever 😏

    Why it should be 7 (July)? It is because she was born in July. Also, July is in the middle of year 😏

    Why it should be 17?
    17 is an age of maturity. We can say sweet 17.
    The other reason, 1 means it is only her, 7 means J (if you reverse it vertically, it becomes J) belongs to her name Judith. So, 17 means Judith is the only one 😀. I put it double to make a bold that she is the only one. Period.