• So, there's a lot of young people who use this site. That must mean there's a lot of people OUTRAGED about Climate Change, Brexit, Discrimination ...right? Right? Or -- are you a riot cop, who just wants to keep the world turning and earn a £ for yr kids? Eh?


  • there is no nigga, BRING ME THA NIGGA

  • @Indrid-Cold always a protester and I've put in the miles and hours to do so, spent time living on protest sites etc before having kids rendered me less able to do that. Now it's more votes and petitions i express my voice with but i miss the solidarity and empowerment that you get from non violent direct action, done all sorts, trying to prevent trees being cut down, hunt sabs, the poll tax etc

  • @Scottish Nice. The Poll Tax was my kinda era. The good and evil seemed so clearly defined. Not like nowadays.

  • @Indrid-Cold were you at the criminal justice bill rallies as well? The most ridiculous amount of cops I've ever seen, columns and columns of riot vans as far as i could see and i was standing on top of a bus stop, had a good view

  • @Scottish It seems crazy when you see that many cops in one place. And yet nowadays, round my way in Wiltshire, you're lucky if you see any, even in central Swindon.

  • @Indrid-Cold the tory cutbacks. Plenty of cops in the affluent areas though, the wealthy must be protected lol. I spent much of my life not far from you, Bristol so easy to scoot along the motorway to London for the big demos. Mostly hitch hiking in my teens before we git wheels. I still shiver at the thought of being stuck for 9 hrs in Slough services lol. A lot of train jumping too, easily done back in the day

  • @Scottish YES M8. Bristol is still cool: I've never known a city like in terms of being able to get away with plain-sight graffiti. And the train jumping, I was famous for -- a lot of the time you could ride in the link, unofficially, for free. I'm guessing not nowadays. :police_officer_medium-light_skin_tone:

  • @Indrid-Cold it's been a long time since i tried but i think not with the barriers and ticket checking machines. Yes Bristol is a cool place to live, the only comparable places I've been are Brighton and Edinburgh. Bristol is best though. I mostly lived in the Easton/Montpellier/st werberghs areas, very multicultural and cool. Also a bit sketchy at times lol

  • @Scottish I'll take your word about Edinburgh - I got lost there for four hours once. All I remember was road-after-road of statues, all branching off at right angles. Probably I'd love it now that I'm older and less stupid.