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    By Sarah-the-magpee

    Hello @sarah_the_magpie when i saw your cute protest letter, i have to say, those words are too cute for a newbie who wants this place to be clean and better.
    When you said i am such a freak, i am really honoured coz i know, that i have been labelled as a freak here. However, you really have a vivid imagine by saying that

    i feel like a decision has to be made by the @Global-Moderators & @TalkWithStranger concerning the nature of TalkWithStranger.com. is this site going to remain a cool little meeting place for people to make new friends and engage in lovely banter, or is it going to become a trashy sexting site with nasty ads and perverts lurking around every corner?

    Can i say, being a nice or cool a little bit is boring af? If you wish such condition, you can use another site such as reddit, tumblr or even omegle (oh this site is similiar with omegle btw) like you mentioned. If you want the SAFETY PLACE EVER with full of fake people who have a great life to show off, find Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You may not be welcoming in this TWS as well.

    i think that the priority should be making this place a safe & fun environment. no more harassment, no more toxicity. of course, we all need to check our behavior. i'll be the first one to admit that i haven't always been the most welcoming & friendliest person on this site. i will try to be kinder in the future, and provoke less drama.

    woaa xD HAHAHAAHAHAHA. I am like seeing myself as a newbie in June 2018.

    Then i saw funny comments here.

    i love this place. i love the community here, and i love everyone who makes an effort to keep this place alive. you are all wonderful people. but we can't continue like this. today's events proved it.

    But then..... this Sarah girl said something else

    you know what? i have no desire to continue this little stupid battle any further. i'm willing to, but i'd be doing it only out of malice. i didn't join this site to argue with people like you, i came here to make new friends. this is all just so incredibly stupid. this site and all of this toxicity is legit giving me a headache. like i try to inspire people to find new ways to make this site even better and then assholes like you just have to appear and spew your hate everywhere. just log off and run as far away as possible from your computer, you autistic piece of shit. go and stalk alliley or whatever that fake girlfriend of yours was called, you fucking creep

    also, people of tws, consider this my resignation. bye. i've fucking had it with this place. i'm never coming back here again.

    Resignation is approved by the dumbest user :) Congrats

  • @Nibba_Nibby I'm sure it all seems like a game online but it's not cool to carry things this far. There's no reason to be a jerk about this stuff because your 'online pride' is wounded or you're angry about something. Sarah's lovely and if everyone tried to get along I'm sure they would. If you plan to try to make enemies and scare the nice people away, then so much the worse for you.

  • Congratulations DG. Not sure what you intended on achieving with all this but you definitely lost my respect.

  • @Nibba_Nibby Yo, you sound like an asshole bro. Sarah was way cooler than you. As I said in my previous comment to you, go fuck yourself bro. I don't care if y'all don't like my choice of words or if I'm pissing someone off, I'm angry AF right now. If you've got some shit to say to me in return, PM me bro and we can take it from there. I don't tolerate bullies, never have and never will.

  • People used to say stuff like "DG is a jerk" or "Dg is a douche", but I always kinda ignored that .. now you proved them right, which is sad giving your past around here. I was sympathetic toward you. Not anymore.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Nibba_Nibby Okay, for the final time. I never said that you harassed Judith. I told you that you should stay away from her BECAUSE SHE WAS UNCOMFORTABLE. That’s it.

  • @Nibba_Nibby i dont need to know you personally. Yours words define you

  • Global Moderator

    Not trying to be demanding and rude but I guess the best way for this topic to subside is not to entertain this topic, in short ignore the topic and the one who made this post.. just saying

  • @Nibba_Nibby Mmm yum yum you're one hot hot babe. I love chicks like you. Sleep with me, Aput. Do you put out, girl? Do you? Do ya? Do ya, ya sexy little chick?

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Nibba_Nibby said in Nibba is not doing protest letter for this Funny Sarah:

    @KETholic ehm, i dont understand you (?) Like, why do you have to do such things meanwhile it is none of your business? 🤔

    I think it is my business when someone is being offensive to another user.

  • @Nibba_Nibby If you have personal issues with someone, it's much better left in Pms unless it's serious (extreme harassment, etc.). I don't really get the point of going back and forth over something that happened months ago.

  • I am not comfortable enough to do dm with her. Why? Coz she can flip one thing to another things then convert another things to good things based on perception 🙂

    You are just choosing to try and get attention and publicly start fights with others. It's best to let this go, you guys have been going on about this for days now. You just like being your usual asshole self and come out of nowhere with things and it's like you start a war against everyone and everything. It's usually best to ignore people like you or not take it to heart. It's a shame that Sarah left just because of you. :)

  • @Nibba_Nibby If I was @KETholic I would go my own separate way, and choose not to interact with you. She has been trying to make amends with you for a bit now and you can't seem to have a truce and to start over. You are just a sleazy creepy dude, failing at picking up girls that got pissed because @KETholic was advising you to stop bothering @WtfJudith. If you keep up being a jackass towards @KETholic, me and you are going to have problems.

  • @Nibba_Nibby Just remember being nice and cool is not dumb and boring, you dont uave to he jerk to have fun. The definition of fun is way wrong defined by you. Bullies will never be tolerated. Go and find other sites for your sexual desires and I am sure u r a sick psycho. You better leave this place dude. Sarah is right.

  • @Nibba_Nibby I didn't reported or flag your sorry ass, as you did nothing worth reporting. Being a jerk for no reason is not a reason for report of flagging. Of course I unfollowed you and will be paying close attention to your every move around here and popping in once in a while to give you a taste of your own medicine. I don't care if you don't care about my respect. Just make sure you enjoy loneliness, you twister individual, because I will go out of my way to make sure nobody ever respect or take you serious around this part. You used to have a friendly Thales at your side, now you are about to have your ass handed to you in this stupid game you devised here. I always told people I know how to troll people. It seems like you are the perfect test subject for my skills. Get ready. This is a Troll war now.

  • @Nibba_Nibby Actually, you know what? Fuck this, Have fun alone DG. I aint wasting my time on this shit anymore.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Nibba_Nibby said in Nibba is not doing protest letter for this Funny Sarah:

    @KETholic said in Nibba is not doing protest letter for this Funny Sarah:

    @Nibba_Nibby Well, you were making her uncomfortable. And why do you keep bringing this up for absolutely no reason?

    to make you remember something you should not interfere like this Sarah did tho

    It’s my job to stop people from being offensive, so technically, I have every right to interfere. Also, I did nothing wrong, so I don’t understand what or why you were trying to make me remember that.

  • @Nibba_Nibby lol dude... i dont have to research whole about you...haha ur words define character and ur character define you, simple is that...
    Dont make life complicated my friend

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Nibba_Nibby I wasn’t interfering in your matters with judith, I was informing you so that you would stop bothering her, as she was uncomfortable. Advising and interfering are two different things.

  • Henlo Gang tws gay club but no homo Global Moderator Doggo Wuvers LurkersForLife

    @Nibba_Nibby said in Nibba is not doing protest letter for this Funny Sarah:

    @KETholic ehm, i dont understand you (?) Like, why do you have to do such things meanwhile it is none of your business? 🤔

    If you’ve got any more questions or concerns about this please keep it to PMs :/

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