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    today, three upstanding members of the tws community decided to leave. as a community, we should introspect on the reasons. there is something wrong here.

    i feel like a decision has to be made by the @Global-Moderators & @TalkWithStranger concerning the nature of TalkWithStranger.com. is this site going to remain a cool little meeting place for people to make new friends and engage in lovely banter, or is it going to become a trashy sexting site with nasty ads and perverts lurking around every corner?

    i have issues with the way this site is moderated, i really do. i honestly do. i know of four individual people who've left this site because they couldn't handle the amount of creeps on this site. they have all left by now, while all the pervs are still here. what is the priority here? getting all these little messed-up creeps and catfishes to use this site in order to maximize that sweet sweet ad revenue? @Global-Moderators, please tell me whose side are you on, because at this point i'm not even sure anymore.

    i think that the priority should be making this place a safe & fun environment. no more harassment, no more toxicity. of course, we all need to check our behavior. i'll be the first one to admit that i haven't always been the most welcoming & friendliest person on this site. i will try to be kinder in the future, and provoke less drama.

    in my opinion, we need more moderation. this place needs a major cleanup. we need stricter rules of conduct and they need to be actually enforced, not simply treated as suggestions as they currently are.
    seriously, no one in their right mind is going to want to join this site if they see 1000X topics like "i'm bored & horny" in a row. let's stop this madness.

    i love this place. i love the community here, and i love everyone who makes an effort to keep this place alive. you are all wonderful people. but we can't continue like this. today's events proved it.

    i would like to hear suggestions from everyone here. how could we make this place better & more welcoming? please people, let's brainstorm and make something positive happen. let's not give up on trying to turn tws into a better place.

  • @sarah_the_magpie All I can add is that I agree, too many gone. And it's the GOOD ones who are the ones who choose to go.

  • @sarah_the_magpie I have voiced my concerns many times to no avail. To me, it is a more a site for as many eyeballs as possible and be damn the decent ppl let the creeps roam free, the adds on the site prove the low standers the place has

  • @sarah_the_magpie Agreed. Whatever you guys come up with, I'll be one hundred percent on board ✌️


    @sarah_the_magpie I agree with the main thesis of your post. Yes, there is an abundance of filth on this site.

    I have been actively flagging users who I perceive to be wrongdoers, my targets are sexual deviants and pedophiles.

    I would advise everyone to do the same. Flag these people and let the moderating team handle it. Cleanse the filth, cast it away back into the darkness.

  • @sarah_the_magpie the thousands topics like "horny m looking for horny female are the cherry on top of straight up effortless trolls and strong opinionated douches. This place has seen better days, that's for sure

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    This place has a rating system and have got reputation marking for each profile....so if someone with good reputation marks Someone down that should ban them or it should lead towards that... saying this as the creeps might mark down good people as well to get back at them...the algorithm needs to change a bit...and moderators need to do their job more actively on topics to remove the bad ones....or just quit if you just want to show that moderator tag beside your name and just do nothing....appoint more moderators with good reputation and those who are active and willing to do that job.... @TalkWithStranger

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    @sarah_the_magpie I left this site because of personal reasons, but I'm really sad to see how things have turned out. There are some really cool and friendly people here, and I miss many of you. I hope you can all make it work 😁 Stick together and take care of eachother!

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    And the live chat part it is hard to moderate on their as mods can't see what's happening in personal messages as creeps won't stop in personal messages.....so adding a ignore option would help alot.. so that we don't have to see users that are spamming or trolling... @TalkWithStranger

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    @sarah_the_magpie Thanks for these suggestions @Global-Moderators and us will work on this to improve the experience for normal users.

    Mods are elected by you all, if community believes there should be changes and there should be more people to help out the community you have every right to be vocal.

    @Div There is no policy from us that we encourage 18+ posts. There is a specific category where all the horny/bored posts should go https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/category/7/find-your-date. This category is a dumpster of sort that only those people see which have joined/watched the category.

    So one clear way to discourage these people is to move their topics to those categories that is not visible to the rest of community.

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    If you are being creeped out by anyone, there is a block button, and you never will have to talk to them again.

    tbh blocking solves nothing. back in october, i was harassed by a user who wrote insulting replies to my every comment for at least a week. i blocked him, but it didn't stop him from writing the replies. i flagged him and i was told by a mod that he was allowed to do it, and i was a jerk for flagging him.
    so no, blocking doesn't work.

    What do you suggest?

    it would be nice if the global mods actually enforced the Community Rules & Content Policies. i've occasionally mentioned these rules in my flag descriptions, just to remind you guys that they exist

    thanks for replying tho. you and @div are the only global mods who cared enough to respond. even if my tone is negative, i do appreciate it.
    i guess the other mods don't feel like these issues are a problem, which makes it easier to tell whose side they are on.

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    @sarah_the_magpie i dunno what to say but ima reply cuz i dont wanna be left out ://////

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    alt text
    have you enabled this setting?

  • @sarah_the_magpie I'm going to be honest I did not. But I was unaware of that as an option so it is now selected. Thank you.

  • @sarah_the_magpie ❤❤❤

  • @sarah_the_magpie Maybe ignore, block and post their names? If everyone knows who to avoid and even block them that should fix it right?

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    @Akkii said in People of TWS, we need to have a conversation.:

    moderators need to do their job more actively on topics to remove the bad ones....or just quit if you just want to show that moderator tag beside your name and just do nothing....appoint more moderators with good reputation and those who are active and willing to do that job....


  • That is why I am just a bitch to pretty much everyone who PM's me it's usually pervy guys trying to sext. I came on here to look for friends not to hook up. I also have a dude who is pretending to be a female trying to sext with me and he thinks I don't know he isn't who he says he is so I've just been entertaining myself messing with his mind because I'm bored.:smiley:

  • Here is a suggestion:

    When you post a topic the default category is "Discuss Anything". Thus horny topics go into "Discuss anything". However the default should be "Horny shit" or whatever it is called. And I have muted "Horny shit" which is one of TWS's featurs. Which should also be the default :grin:

    Moderation should just make sure that the horny topics go into the horny category. That'd be enough IMHO.

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    @TalkWithStranger I was thinking what if we implement mute or temporary ban when a certain users disobey the rules, and they need to make an appeal in order for them to recover their account..Also we need to make a New welcome intro for every new users and attach the rules of the site..I really hope you consider this one, it might help.. also thanks to @sarah_the_magpie for opening this up.

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