• maybe you can explain this im just done trying anymore

    so i have been told through an echocardiogram i DO NOT HAVE HEART DISEASE. i do have MILD LVH but i still have a normal ejection fraction of up to 60% which is great. i also do not get damn near ANY sleep and its been that way for years. i suffer alot of sleep issues. but i had a sleep study done 3 yrs ago and it was determined I DO NOT HAVE APNEA. also my lungs. had MRI and CATS of my chest and have been told HEALTHY. now brings me to this. i walk up 3 flights of stairs now and my lungs are BURNING and my heart is POUNDING! goes away after sitting down in 5 min time but damn that never used to happen! now here is the deal. is this due to no excercise? i will truly admit i have been in and out of jobs recently and have had next to nothing for exertion or anything. am i just out of shape?? i want some reassurance but also it has to make sense! i also yawn CONSTANTLY and always stop breathing here and there as i doze off at night. so is this apnea related and just me neeeding to work out? my blood workup comes back healthy as can be except for elevated Co2 which is prob from the apnea and causing retention. my mom has stage 2 COPD and i have that in my mind now!

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