• Dear Respected @ODIN, @Global-Moderators and @TalkwithStranger

    I publish and send this protest letter on behalf of my family who gets hurt lately because of several issues in here. We feel uncomfortable, unsafety, unhappy also disappointed and upset to all of conflicts here. Hence, allow me (on behalf of my family) to summarize all of this case in a good way and we need to get a feedback publicly, as clear as water. I don’t want an explanation through DM because I want to see the response of this case.

    1. In my humble opinion, the way this site make someone as a global moderator is unfair. I don’t know how can the old traditions do exist or whatever it was in the past but right now we are in the democracy era. People could vote, say a good feedback etc. because they have their own reasons. This site indeed need the current global mods as their votes will influence the result either that person will be in or not but WE DO NEED PEOPLE OUTSIDE GLOBAL MODS VOTE for this. Why? Because we are as the member, the users of this site need a trusty person who will responsible for this site existence. Hence, please do allow us to vote our rights without the respected @Global-Moderators fellas involved in there. They votes will be outside of our votes and of course their considerations will be the things for all of us.
    2. We need the professionalism and transparency in here. I don’t care whatever happen behind this stuff in here at first. However, could you just publish if you already chose someone new for global mods position? Like in the page that this person is a mods SO WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE THE LEADERS. Suddenly it is such an unexpected things happen here when @Mr-H and @im.a.bae suddenly came up as a global mods and just several people know and aware of this stuff. Without disrespecting your own opinion, I just want to know, why all of you fellas @Global-Moderators @ODIN agreed to make this two person in while we (users) never knew
      what kind of contributions they have, what kind of person they are, and many more. Is it
      because of they are a friend of yours and a kind person or just a reputation or may be you “HAVE SOMETHING HIDDEN” THERE fellas?
    3. The regulations for someone who wants to be a global mods is funny. I find it ridiculous, how someone with 1K reputations could get such positions while we do not know that person very well. This is just an example, for the next generation of global mods, they should at least touch 5K reputations with a join time at least 3 months before that person came up as
      global mods. That person also should have at least 50 followers for this.
      May be you all things this is such a very tight regulation, but this regulation is needed
      because the new joiner should be friends and open with the current global mods also mingle with all users here so there is “no jealousy” or a new drama came up again. (I’m fed up with this tbh)
    4. The last is someone could unmod herself/himself because of this person willingness. This things is not cool. I do not try to bring @ObviouslyLucifer or @Willow past sins or old case of them here but the leaders has chosen for whatever their reasons, then how can leaders unmod himself/herself? You are a respected and a responsible person in here to lead this site from any damage and worst case; you are the public figure and the influencer, so show that off to people that you are valuable enough for these things for whatever people said bad things about you. Hence, I ask your new considerations and response for @Willow case here also a new solution of this matters.

    I write this letter in a sober way, in a conscious condition and I am well aware for whatever happen after this. I also responsible for all of my words here. We as users demand you to explain all of this 4 things in a very transparent way.

    Jakarta, July 28th 2018 (3.30 AM, UTC+7)
    Kind Regards

    G. (Aput Zulhamsyah)

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  • Soul Searchers Movie Buff Global Moderator

    I actually find that voting for mods sounds like a good idea. This could give us an idea of who users trust and look up to, then current moderators could check them over to see if they’re suitable for the position or just trollers. A new post could be made to replace admin’s old “looking for moderators” topic or that one could be used too so that people who are willing to get the position could leave their name and explain why they think they’d be good for the site. Then a official voting poll could nominate the top three users people want and mods could eliminate the ones who wouldn’t be suited for the position.

    Idk, there might be flaws to this, but sounds like a good idea to me 🤷♀

  • GSP Patrol - The Proofreaders

    Upvoted 10 times! 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
    I don't agree with all of it but hey good enough, dinner is getting cold.

  • @spaceboy said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    @morf I am some kind of junior here, but I am wonder how TWS looks like 3-4 months ago?

    I first joined this site and was exclusively a global user (old global). Yes, just a global user among random people and spammers. I did not know of any negativity, especially to this scale. I was surprised to meet so many good hearted friends in there, it was rather drama free in my opinion. Later I got to meet moderators and even the admin at the time would visit us to ask how things were and get our feedback on site development. To say the least, things were very positive, friendly, and welcoming.

  • @odin said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    we modded @Mr-H instead of him even though @Mr-H decided to deny the job.

    Noone asked me if I wanted that status to start off, so I shouldn't have been modded to start with, but even If I wanted the job, it would be rather hard to do anything with it when I was left in the dark, since I never got any kind of direction and orientation on what I should or shouldn't be doing.

    The kind of "darkness" and leaving users in the dark ppl been talking about has been happening and not with just users but mods that get moded without their consent. I get that ppl have lives, but at least try to keep things more organized, at least a little bit more organized.

  • -deleted-

  • @SunshineF

    @ODIN has not responded to us once. All we want is for things to be done the right way, according to the rules set for this site.

    I get the feeling that we "users" are not worth his precious time when we are the ones who have the betterment and future of TWS at heart. But that still doesn't explain why he also ignores his very own moderators.

    @ODIN I don't want you to feel like I am attacking you in any way. That's not my intent at all. But all I have seen from you is that you take things very personally and also make decisions based on your personal feelings. I mean, look at this. You are the center of this drama right now. This is a display of pettiness and clique like behavior in my opinion.

    You recite the guidelines/criteria for moderators but that is not only redundant, but you are also contradicting those very guidelines by basing your actions on your personal feelings. This has spread a lot of negativity throughout this site, users and staff included.

    @ODIN under your lead, look at everything that has happened. The terms that come to mind are tyranny, corruption, unmodding, pettiness, immaturity, cliques, biased, unfair, and the list goes on. This isn't just me saying this, this is what I have heard from users and moderators alike.

    3-4 months ago, this site was fantastic! It was growing and blossoming at a very healthy rate. This site was functioning and running like a well oiled machine. What has happened? Look at the drama and division now. There are major damages that appear to be making this site weaken to the point of crumbling internally.

    I want this site to be great like that again and continue to grow without all these uncontrolled variables in the governing and all this negativity. Something has to change.

    Will you reply to me and these issues now @ODIN ? Or is this not worth your time and consideration? Don't you care about the decline in morale on this site?

  • @sunshinef said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    @morf well, he's now replying. I read some 👇🏼. But that's because (most probably) @talkwithstranger asked him to.

    I don't want to point fingers at people, and you know for a fact I hate making people feel bad. You have seen how upset I get when I think I hurt someone's feelings. But @ODIN is not representing leadership qualities despite his pre-requisites. Why can't this damage be undone? Why can't there be resolution?

  • Music Lovers

    @captain_rogers said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    @odin wow so basically you think I'd make a mistake? You basically mean I'm a mistake? Apparently you really didn't know who I was. I know y'alls stupid rules and I have followed them. You know people change. You need to keep up old man.

    Here is what I am going to say.

    Boots, you need to leave this topic.
    A few months back Ragnar did bring your name up when trying to choose a moderator. It was decided that you shouldnt because you were emotional and a bit dramatic (sounds like me lmao).
    Yes, like you said, people change. But right now you are angry. And you are only proving his point of you being dramatic.

    For your own sake, quit answering. Becoming a moderator isnt worth screwing up you two’s friendship.

    If you really are changed?
    Now is your chance to show it

  • Soul Searchers Movie Buff Global Moderator

    first comment

  • Music Lovers


    The last is someone could unmod herself/himself because of this person willingness. This things is not cool. I do not try to bring @ObviouslyLucifer or @Willow past sins or old case of them here but the leaders has chosen for whatever their reasons, then how can leaders unmod himself/herself? You are a respected and a responsible person in here to lead this site from any damage and worst case; you are the public figure and the influencer, so show that off to people that you are valuable enough for these things for whatever people said bad things about you. Hence, I ask your new considerations and response for @Willow case here also a new solution of this matters.

    You brought Luci and I into this the moment you mentioned our names. So dont say you “dont want to bring it in”.
    I have thought since I first became moderator that users should know about decisions.
    Psh, times were much simpler here when I enforced that idea lol.

    I think, from what im understanding, you have the wrong idea about why I unmodded myself.

    A lot of “i dont give a shit, quit looking for attention. Stupid posts” have been marked on my topic. I found it best that I ddnt post an explanation.
    But for you baby boy, sure.

    Moderators are expected to basically run the website. Before Ragnar/Odin/Samnas became an admin, that was still what we were expected to do. Ban spammers and toxic users. Work out fights. Report issues. Etc. Every ten days or so we would hear from @talkwithstranger . He would upvote a recent post, tell us to move h***y topics to the find your date category, on occasion tell us to check the latest added feature, and then leave.

    It was only when I started speaking out against trolls that things started to get messy.
    Oh if only he hadnt created a new group chat, I could get screenshots about all the idiotic issues I actually thought he would listen to.

    At the end of it all, the past seven months have all been the same. Why am I running a website, without getting paid, and without receiving any kind of recognition or appreciation for it?

    Congrats Willow! You got a dinky little tag on your profile. That tag was the symbol of when I first became a target for idiots. Thats all it did, was attract stupid ass trolls.

    -Willow was tired of trolling
    -Willow is tired of no appreciation

    Onto part two

    It reached a point where Im not having fun. Its a chore. One I do not enjoy. Other people might, but I do not. I do not simply ban users for the hell of it.

    I messaged admins so many times. Both @odin and @talkwithstranger
    Needing advice about something. Needing permission to do something

    I cannot help someone if I have absolutely no one showing me the way. I never got an answer on half the messages I sent. I never made a decision i felt 100% supported on.

    Willow was tired of no communication.

    I will NOT do something that causes me unnecessary stress.
    It was unnecessary bullshit.

    And when i finally got an answer. It was because Im unmodding myself. Not even from the guy who is supposedly handling moderator affairs ( thats you btw @odin )
    But the admin...who doesnt answer for days. Shows you how long I wait for answers on sometimes urgent matters.

    Then I see all these people wanting to be moderator. New faces and people with more connections. So f**k it.

    Whats sitting around ranting going to do GA?

    They never listen, so why would they start now?

    (Oh yeah and I just cant WAIT for someone to show up in here and call us crybabies, fml)

  • -deleted-

  • GSP Patrol - The Proofreaders

    0_1532731759198_beautiful_chaos_by_malicitator-d72t9my (1).jpg
    Remember? 😏

  • @unmodded-nate said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    @g-a you brought up some good points here. Call me an American but I believe in democracy. I believe that people should be an integral part of choosing leaders, because at the end of the day, the leaders actually work for the general public. Maybe it's my military background but selfless-service should be at the forefront of every leader's mind. If you do not serve the people, you are a tyrant and if you are a tyrant the people WILL rise against you.

    I also believe that leaders should not quit. I am poor example of this standard but I stepped down in order to make a statement. In the American Revolution many leaders quit their post and join the ranks of the people in order to fight corruption and be free. This essentially is what I have done. And if my efforts are in vain, at least I can say I tried my best.

    Regardless of everything, I came her to meet people and have fun. I remained a mod so that I could serve the people and I now stand amongst the users of TWS, where I have been all along.

    YEEESSSS!!!!!!! AMEN!!

  • @odin pretty much felt like it. And really? You think you know how I handle things but you truly have no damn idea how I handle things. All those posts and all that shit was in the past. As I said keep up.

  • Music Lovers

    @odin I'm tired with all of this actually.. All of us are tired.. My suggestion would be, make an SOP/Manual/Policy so there would be reference and people won't question it or atleast maybe itll prevent something like this. And also consider the problem that users pointed out and make solutions. Listen to all of their suggestions too if its for the best. We just want better TWS. As I've told you, I feel uncomfortable or unsafe here.. Or rather there are things that's not right.

    You told me the requirements of being a mod but even mods don't know those. Sad......

    so I hope their would be an orientation or guide for mods.. Or maybe their would be assigned partners. For example, senior mod would be assigned to this new mod so that s/he will be guided. Of course other senior mods can guide the new mod too.

    And on @Bela 's case.. Why did you not tell her from the start that you don't need a Moderator n her timezone? You could have said that so there's no need for her to apply at that time.

    Lastly, you haven't replied my last question about users asking for permanent banning. I think there's this "secret" thing.

    User: May I request to ban me permanently?

    0_1532733361848_images (16).jpeg

  • Freedom Writers - Writing Global Moderator

    @wtfjudith said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    “Judith is beautiful but she should have green eyes”

    @mr-h said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    Still better with blue eyes, just sayin

    Your wait is over!

    Fan favorite judith now available in multiple colors!




  • -deleted-

  • @odin I did that because I trusted you. And you snapped it right in half. All you ever did was lie. I'm sick of being taken for granted.

  • @odin said in A SECOND PROTEST LETTER:

    We will on work on that.
    But as i said, appointed peoples for the job are always the best options we had, believing they can handle the job.

    Thanks for the heads up and trust, but I don't fully agree on that, since in my case I never wanted the job so I could never be the best option.
    But that wasn't even the issue, I believe that even "the best mod" can't and won't do a good job if he never gets any sort of guidance.

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