• Ya ever notice how all your effort eventually turns to nothing, & its truly meaningless. I don't mean in like a pessimistic sense but if you think about it, its true. There isn't any point, & all life is, is just a spontaneous happening. We're just a mix of neutrons, protons, & other shit. On top of that we experience everything life has to offer like anger, happiness, pain, & everything else. I just want to not ever have to want again, never to feel, never have to experience anything. I want to be non-existent. To know that probably no one I have known probably hasn't ever truly seen things as this kind of saddens me. At least I could express these thoughts flowing through my mind on this site, but no one will probably relate. Everyone sees themselves as what they were told by others, as the name given to them, & envelope themselves in the illusion of life. I guess the point of me saying this fuckin shit is to see what other people think. I don't care if you don't know what I mean, that is a concern of your conscience.

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