hmm, do you think you can leap through time ? 🙂

  • Appreciated.

  • @Vanessa-Snow yeah.. I'd like to know where did I go wrong even if I can just see it in my dreams,, haha I want to check if what was that small thing that greatly had an impact on what's my present. hahha

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @cjko oh this would be awesome! i think i know where i went wrong 😆 but i would like to know how different (if at all) life would be, you know?
    Would i still be in the same place, just having gone through a different path. I often think the whole journey is why im where im at (serious soul journey and growth, healing family trauma and cleaning karma big time), so there is probably a reason why things went the way they did. Maybe im cleaning up for next life, which would be awesome. I do have memories from past lives and they seem to have been disrupted suddenly, which would explain why im having to work so hard on this one, im basically tying loose ends, "cleaning house". But like i said, i would still go back, there is this one day where i decided to cancel my trip and stay here. Which eventually changed it all. Gosh you're making me ponder all sorts of things. 😵 💫

  • @cjko Do you mean backwards, forwards, or sideways? I could better answer your question, if I knew specifically which of those "directions." Or did you mean just generally though time, which could imaginably encompass ALL time destinations?

  • 'The Girl that Leapt through Time'. One of a dozen unwatched DVDs sittin on me rack.

    I often look at the cover and wonder, though. Does she feel all confident leaping through time, because, no matter how badly she messes with the timeline, anime schoolgirls are such an archetype that they'll always exist in the collective unconscious?

  • @999999999 Even if I COULD I seriously doubt I WOULD. Gets too murky with all the butterfly-effect and such. Also, really really wouldn't want to re-enter time the middle of a wall or other solid structure. NOPE, I'm out

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