• This started out as drama on my behalf. I want to apologize to @LittPudding. This was a foolish mistake on my part and I'm willing to let it go and be humans again. I want to try to make it up to him any way I possibly can and set things right between us.

    Now it's apparently a source to call for Moderators, Admin, and a user to instigate drama. 😞
    Enjoy everyone! Open discussion, all are welcome! Talk about anything you want or feel! 🙂

  • Music Lovers

    Hi all. I'll try to explain our stand on this.

    First of all, the most important thing first. @pe7erpark3r and all the new/active members who were most affected by the data loss issue. I want to apologize on behalf of all our tech team who even though tried their best for a whole week to recover the posts from the corrupted database but unfortunately couldn't and had to revert to an earlier backup. We sincerely feel for you and assure you our backup retention has been set to daily for now.

    @Morf @Barton @HotPursuit @TheRisingSun
    Regarding Discord. Issue and the user @LittPudding. Actually this is not a new problem, we face this issue more than you'd think. There are people who'd try to get the users to migrate to some other platform for whatever objective. Some spam it obscenely, some do it with better tactics. We don't have anything against discord, however we do have a policy against spam and links that are intentional to hurting the community. Which we also noticed ourselves after users reported us about that. Hence a warning was given to this guy as well, but he carried on in the public chat.


    You can get an idea with a quick view of user profile (topics) to see their intention of staying on TWS.

    Our @Global-Moderators have been communicating to us around the lack of voice chat and bots here, being an attraction towards discord. We are working on groups (improvements) and voice chat for TWS community as I write this. And before I forget there indeed is a bot in https://chat.talkwithstranger.com/direct/tws recently added that can be improved to do whatever community comes up with. Please don't hesitate to reach out with ideas regarding bot to these two https://chat.talkwithstranger.com/direct/TalkWithStranger and https://chat.talkwithstranger.com/direct/dev

    At the end I'll repeat, we are here to listen and improve based on YOUR suggestions, try doing this to big companies like, whatsapp, discord or instagram 🙂

  • I think ppl are missing the point...
    It's not about TWS being dead or dying, it's just the way ppl are using tws as a recruitment platform which clearly goes against tos.
    You break a tos you get banned, simple as that.

    I'm not with or against anyone, I couldn't care less what happens next, I just think ppl should get their heads out of the sand 🤷

  • Global Moderator

    Bloopers.. I blame Akon for this! Can I get a fan sign?

  • HI guys! First and only post!

    Morf...are you going to mention the 4 original members that made the D i s c o r d Channel named The Lovables?
    I remember them pretty well and as far as i can remember...You were one of the first 4 ones, and a moderator from day one.
    So i dont know exactly what this is,other than a vendetta against me.
    Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Love Litt Pudding

  • Exposed? True events and real answers? Wowwie, ain't that a bunch of bullshit right there!
    The only thing exposed here is the small human minds and rotten souls that can't see beyond their own ass, that's what's exposed. Anyone ever considered that TWS is dying and people are leaving because it's just not that fun to stay around? That it's just a chat and people have real lives outside of it? That it's actually healthy to move on at some point?

    It's just as quiet in this "TWS-people trap" where apparently people are lured into and kept there like slaves with no freedom to choose how or where they spend their time so whoopdidoo, who will we demonize next?

    To blame all this on one person is so incredibly ridiculous that I can't even comprehend how stupid must one be to actually think it could be possible. But hey, miracles do happen, even the miracles of dumbassery.
    Am I being biased here? Oh absolutely, not going to deny that for a second. But I can also think with my own brain and look at the big picture. And the big picture is that it's impossible for one person to take down whole social platform, or salvage one. It's about the whole community, it's about all the users in there and how they're enjoying whatever chat room they're offered.

    So how about looking into the mirror first, huh? What or who is looking back? Might need to improve on some things.

  • I just wish TWS was more reliable. loosing tons of posts and interesting conversations really does not make me want to stay. I wish I had an alternative...

  • @Morf Sorry to say but @LittPudding is a hidden theft of this site, and it reminds me of a guy on Dis cord that sent me my IP, home address, my ISP and some other technical stuff.

    Well, Dis cord is not secure as most people think. The trouble is anyone that is using a Packet Sniffer can see anyone’s IP address, your ISP doesn’t block your IP address.
    And TWS is way better than Dis cord, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking sites

    Dis cord ,Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t provide you a writing-platform. Even if they do, people are simply interested in chatting and sharing. They use these sites differently. While on TWS, you get to interact with intellectual people and are able to burgeon your knowledge about every other thing.

    So, in my opinion, TWS is just not better , it’s the best !

  • You're right Litt, basically about everything. There's a little more to it but that's fairly close.

  • @Kiss_My_Axe I'm not blaming any one guy, I'm just against that thefts who stealing tws users to dis cord and this guy littpudding is one of them. It is big concern to your privacy if you give your ip to a random stranger, Your isp is easily found by knowing your IP address. When you connect to discord this is available to be seen.
    Today almost everything is a social network. Everything is connecting everyone to a point of "OverConnection".

    Every social networking site has it’s own reason of existence and rightly so and hence better for some and not for someone else.

    If i rephrase the question to ‘Is tws a way better and safe community than discord ’, then Yes for me its better but regarding safety I'm not that sure. Even in tws your ip is available,The only real way to protect this type of information is to use a proxy or VPN service. That will allow you to bounce your connection through another location or even another country. .

    But overall The quality of content that is created (questioned and answered) and engaged in TWS (upvoted, followed) is quite sane considering it is an open community than dis cord.

  • @Morf Dicksword is as dead as TWS. If anything is to be blamed thats Instagram!

  • @TalkWithStranger Are you gonna sensor Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat too ? 😏

  • @Barton no..blame it to myspace and multiply.com

  • Oh, also PubG and Roblox and Fortnite ! @TalkWithStranger

  • @HotPursuit calm down 😏

  • @King-Kadak actually nothing is secure in the wide web. There is a risk of identity exposure in all forms/types of social media accounts. If you don't want to be known and afraid of exposing your identity, then don't use any social media account at all!

    I think what we can do here at this stage is to let everyone know that TWS is worth staying for. No need to blame others for fishing users. It is just so immature.

  • @Rupin It wont be removed. TWS said old global will stay as long as it has users.

  • @Rupin No. @TalkWithStranger himself said they are changing the logo and Global Chat will continue as long as there are users. There are no plans to shut it down nor should there be concern of the non-existent matter. So no worries, bud.

  • @Rupin I don't see your point, as spammers are only common in Global Chat, due to no login required. So in Global Chat, sure, there will always be spammers most likely. Public Chat, Modern Chat, Topics, nope. Those places are moderated and chat is kept clean and within rules and regulations for the betterment of user experience on this site.

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