Why wait til marriage ?

  • @Itiel I agree. It's pretty rare nowadays.. I think 1/1000

  • @Itiel true

  • @Vanessa-Snow said in Why wait til marriage ?:

    @cjko this could be two different topics, people have forgotten (or have not been properly educated) on what marriage is because there are few true marriages going on. Many people being against religion doesn't help either (although you can get married anywhere), and its become something hollow. Its not about performance in front of God, or a big party, or just something that costs a lot of money. You know when you first fall in love? You're all bubbly and you wanna tell eeeeeveryone about that person? Yeah, marriage is that. And when you make a decision, you tell your friends so they help you keep accountable. You just wanna get all your friends and favorite people in the same place and scream "I choose this crazy human to go on adventures with!", you share it because its awesome to share your favorite things with the people you love. ❤ As for "waiting" for it, im guessing its about s e x. My answer would be yes. One, because we have spoiled men. We give them what they want before they're committed and then wonder why they lose interest. Humm.
    The thing i've learned (and it's not free of pain) is, IF you wait, you tend to weed out the boys/men who will eventually leave you down the line.
    It takes a shit load of self control but for me, I would give my pinky (and i have such an adorable pinky toe) to meet a guy who would write letters and wants to "wait" until we get closer. Because waiting, used to be a regular thing. Waiting used to be a part of it, the waiting made the journey super cool, you were invested in the person and the leading up to it.
    Marriages now fail (imo) because we jump into relationships too fast and we fall in love with potential, not giving people enough time to reveal their true selves.
    Mostly, if you wait, the guy who waits for you is probably gonna be a million times better than any a*****e who just wanted to move fast. 😉
    (sorry for the long rant)

    thanks for sharing this , I appreciate it. It's well written and concise btw , I congratulate you for that, haha 😄
    Yeah, it's not easy to wait but everything will be worth it.

  • @Vanessa-Snow said in Why wait til marriage ?:


    Living in America, it is hard to see marriage this way. People get married and divorced so much that is almost the equivalent to dating 😭

    Not sure if i should laugh or cry at how accurate this is.

    Do both!

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