• So... I been wondering about this place..
    There are lots a noobs here, which is good because it helps it to grow and develop.
    but what i was wandering... was, ...
    What makes a Noob? - Like how long before your not a noob?
    *I mean here, is the time your a noob dependant on your social status? (Reputaion, Points Earned or is it good old fashion Time you've been using the site? *
    Oh the three factors I mentioned, with the later....if it is the time you've been using the site... how long would you say?

    haha I know, questions, questions bloody questions !

    What do ya reckon?

    i don't know

  • @mr_peanut i think a user is a noob until he/she knows how the heck to use this site and what the fuck goes around here.:ok_hand: