People who knock on bathroom doors and instantly try to open the door without waiting for a response, why?

  • My brother used to try to open the door and then, having determined that the door was locked, would knock on the door. I would get so pissed.

    Like - What the fuck do you want me to do with your knock?

    Answer the door with my pants down ?

    Unlock it so you can come in too ?!!

    Thankfully he stopped doing it years ago.

    Now if its someone I know , I just make a slow croaky scary voice & yowl - "WHOOO IIIISSS IIIIIIIT!?"

    or in public restrooms say - “Come back when you’ve got a warrant!”

  • @Jumper-Cable-Guy I remember in my 4th grade, my friends and I loved playing rough games. There's one where you chase yourselves and the one touched on, turns to chase so you only played if you trusted your Sprint speed sth I was a pro at. Everything was moving well not until one of the homies went straight for my right leg instead of pulling my shirt or just slapping my back. I fell so hard and the impact left my forehead bleeding. Tying my best not to cry in front of the girls but everyone was just laughing and sum up the pain, I had to let it all out😭😭😭. The anger became too much to hold, I stood up swinging a blow and landed perfectly on the target leaving me so delighted that I stopped crying immediately. Now it was him weeping, and his was too loud that it caught attention of many teachers in the staffroom so our science teacher came rushing to scene. By the time he reached, I had disappeared and one stud snitched I was hiding in the toilet so he followed me there and whenever he called me out, I flashed🤣🤣🤣 I remember I made 13 successful flashes then after sometime, he left coz he was tired of my crap. Of course when he left, I also moved out sometime later but it was coming to end of classes but later, I learned he had told my mom about the fight so when I reached home, I don't remember much but the house shacked for some time with sounds of slaps, shoes hitting and saucepans falling and cain. Man, I almost spent a full night massaging my butt cheeks and swore never to sting people's children again.