• I'd beg them not to leave me.And if they did, I'd cry, be sad, miss them forever.
    Hate them forever(if they never explained why they're leaving).But then anyways, I'm gonna miss them.N I might be like,"Well, their loss.I'll find someone eventually..." But the reality is that I would never get over them ☹ 😫
    What about u?

  • Banned

    @darkice It hurts so deeply and so painfully that it takes my breath away. I hope to forget her and find love with another💑

  • @darkice
    I have done the crying thing, the begging thing, the *dont give an F. thing..... the angry thing ... omg the list goes on lol
    Now a days, I would respect that I’m probably not the person they wanted to be with, then I would in the brittish way keep calm and carry on, waiting to be depressed and lonely when I was in my own company.
    Not worth the agro it causes fighting for something that only you want.

  • Gamers

    Well it depends if they leave because of my mistake ... Then i will not stop them but ask for forgiveness only once abd if they do forgive then well and good but if then they don't then I will just curse my self for my folly and weep over my loss..............

  • @darkice

    I'll probably just blame myself and think where did I missed or why was I not good enough or something like that, but I will let em go as it was their choice. If, on the other hand, they left cuz I did shit, then I would definitely try fixing or making up to them hoping we could patch things up!

  • Would walk away

  • Selon,moi je prendrai mon courage à deux mains et le laisser partir!😄😏

  • Soul Searchers Banned

    @DarkIce well I have msgd u.. see that

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