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  • Uk what i feel the same, to kill myself to not have these feeling anymore. To end it all at once. Like who cares right? But no that's not it. Sure dying as an always on option and is a really great one. But firstly think do you really want to end this all. Is there nothing got in ur life? Isn't there any bond u have with anyone would broke apart. Dying is fun, but do u really think u will have another life after this one? Like maybe you would but who knows. It's a point of no return once it is over its game over. I really want you to think about it more. And if u would like to share me ur problems, i and here and ready to help you out

  • TO PEOPLE WHO KILL THEMSELVES: you are the most selfish people on earth. thats right i said it. what about your family that has no say in that? who will cry for months. friends?care about them? that guy you smile at in the stoor who bags your groceries you see each week who will now never get to again. each person impacts someone else, even in small, subtle ways. remember that. if i killed myself, i have a 7 yr old neice who is my world. it would devestate it. i am her hero. we go to Taco Bell together :) thats why i live. for OTHERS , not me

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    @mikeJB thats not how depression and mental illness work. People who kill themselves for the most part do not do so because they are selfish. Their minds are telling them that they are actually doing their loved ones a favor by not being here anymore. That it is the only way out of a pain so deep and all encompassing they cant bear it any longer and every other thought is clouded by this. Their minds cant see how much they are loved, who would miss them, the effect it would have on their loved ones. Mental illness is real and perpetuating the myth that people who kill themselves are selfish isnt helping the stigma.

    To the original poster, let me know if would ever like to talk. Im a good listener.

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  • @Mia-x no Mia it's not like that. The people who like to end their life feels left alone. They know they have no value left in this world. They know people don't really care if they are dead or alive. Sure it will have impact on our families but like if you dont really matter to ur family members, living for them is no point. Even if someone love me from the inside and i have no clue about it then what's the point? Even if that person loves you, you never really felt being loved. It just a really messy stuff. The thing is they r not selfish, they are self caring, they just wanted to get reliefed by their long lasting pain and depression, they don't want to carry a brokenheart or feeling heavy all the time. And they feel this way bcuz of all the selfish people around. Suicide is the quickest way to end one's misiries. But it's a harsh decision to take. Suicide should be last possible thought which should come in ones mind. If you r attempting suicide knowing that people care about them and they having value, are real stupid and selfish people then. They don't deserve it then. Suicide is the option when there is nothing left for you and inside you. When u are dead from ur feelings, when you are dead from inside. It's for those people who are at a point where their inside is already dead. I hope you got me. No i am not promoting suicide but it's just like explaining the point from my side of view.


    @Akshat-M17 Yes I get what u are saying. But a lot of those feelings u are describing are clouded by depression. Not saying its always true, but its like an alternate reality where there the brain cannot find anything good to live for. No one can truly know what they mean to others but Im so sorry that u are feeling this way. Your feelings are valid and my whole point of the post before is that suicide is not a selfish act made by a selfish person.

  • The knife to the gut to release the internal silly string is a way out

  • @LIZABOO hello, it's been a while. How are you? I hope you are doing better in life and ur life is going well. I hope you are still alive here with us. That's all. Peace out.

  • @Akshat-M17 suicide should be an allowed outlet for those dealing with a terminal illness or something that they physically cannot handle that is ravaging them

  • @mikeJB fare enough, i agree

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