Reasons why relationships fail:

  • Maybe dont think of it as a failure but rather a reason to start anew

  • @damncuteguy hmm number 1 is somewhat true to others.. but it really depends on the couple

  • @cel yeah.. kinda sad. But sometimes, there are things that must be kept within yourself. We do have secrets, good or bad.. but hiding something bad for the relationship will always be not good.

  • @nycspilot hmm sounds optimist. 🙂 Well, I like the way how you perceive things like that. But, what do you think is the reason to start anew?

  • @cjko I don’t think there is one definitive reason to start anew life and death are just known parts f life...we know things start and we also know they end and we are all just trying to figure out the best way to get through whats inbetween those moments

  • Freedom Writers

    @cjko but problem with this is that it may put too much pressure on your partner.

    1. Not enough trust
    2. building the relationship on a bad foundation
    3. bad communication
    4. putting too many expectations on the other person
    5. not being ready

  • @ whoever down-voted me
    I would love to know your opinion. I hope my posts did not offend you.

  • @G-A

    There are a bunch of people needs "da sincere love" rather than "lust love" like that. We need compassion and unlimited patience before we do "in love" and do such "bonding and sexual desire" like that.

    Speak for yourself 😛 Different people have different priorities. Not everyone NEEDS love. Don't overlook the forever single community xD

    hooman is not equal with animals

    Um... okay. This is off topic.

    I never downvoted someone unless da election for global mods around a month ago

    That's cool. 👍 Downvoting isn't the right approach. One must put forward their point and respect the other's opinion.

    you said i respect others regardless their opinion would you care to share da definition of this?

    I don't think it's that hard to understand 😅. People's opinions don't make them liable to be disrespected.

  • i think this discussion is going off topic, cant we just stay on topic please. some people are yet to experience love, so they claim that love doesnt exist and compare it to lust and etc. If love doesnt exist what is the basis of a family, i wonder. Love cant be explained but experienced. Just because you havent experienced something, doesnt mean that it dont exist.

  • @TWS-User

    Some people are yet to experience love, so they claim that love doesnt exist and compare it to lust and etc.

    Maybe that's it. But currently I'm pretty convinced with my opinion. Maybe it will change.

    If love doesnt exist what is the basis of a family, i wonder.

    Mother-child love (or father-child) is not being talked about.

    Love cant be explained but experienced.

    What th are we doing here then?😛

    Just because you havent experienced something, doesnt mean that it dont exist.

    Did i say it doesn't exist? 🙄

  • @boodles

    I have a very particular way of seeing love and friendship. I don't always fall in love. In fact it's very rare for me to do so. In my 27 years of existence I've fell in love twice and I was lucky enough to have them love me back.
    Sadly the relationship didn't last and we eventually broke up but we started as friends and evolved to a couple but when we broke up we remained friends and I still speak to both of them till this day.
    The love bound for me is really special and important, when I love someone will be for life cuz, like @Kana said, if friendship lasts forever so can love.
    It's kinda hard for me to explain it cuz there's no real good way to express it tho words, you would need to get to know me and manage to understand me.


    You see, @g.a. has some sort of fixation for me and other users like @WtfJudith And @willow so he likes to come up with made up stories or half truths. I believe he is a nice guy he just lacks some common sense.


    I will have to ask you to clean your mouth when you mention my name to your mindless dramas and insanity.
    Let's go back to the start, did you ever dm me before other then when you bombed my dms with a bunch of questions? PERSONAL QUESTIONS should I add? I would have replied to you if you wanted to talk but as far as I know u aren't police and I'm not being investigated. So let me do what @WtfJudith didnt do when you started to molest her like you are starting to molest me. Get the fuck off away from me if all you want from me is involve me in your mindless drama. If you wanna be friends and get to know me feel free to dm me like any other user can dm me.


  • Soul Searchers

    We’re not prepared. We’re not prepared for the sacrifices, for the compromises, for the unconditional love. We’re not ready to invest all that it takes to make a relationship work. We want everything easy. We’re quitters. All it takes is a single hurdle to make us crumble to our feet. We don’t let our love grow, we let go before time.
    It’s not love we’re looking for, only excitement and thrill in life.

  • @neeraj-singh said in Reasons why relationships fail::

    *u dont understand my opinios bcz u are not of my age group

    nope , I been there an done that ... guessing wha?? your like ..... 🤔 Ummmm....... 15 (think i'm giving you credit there tbh)

  • @agent-peanut I see.
    Yeah, selfishness will not let the relationship grow

  • @murdagangshit confuse about what? Hmm I'm not kinda relationship guru

  • @mankyshanky true.. we should never expect and never assume to avoid disappointments 🙂

  • @ahmed-m-mabommed yeah.. cheat/lies and lack of trust.. Lack of trust is the result of being always cheated on and lied to

  • @spaceboy what is that? That is new to me.. I'll be glad to know what it is.

  • @green-archer true indeed. What do you think are the false perceptions? Well, I think it's about pretending and lying from the start of the rel.

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