• I am in an open relationship and I am struggling. I knew going in he has been with the other person for years, I thought it would be nothing, like a quick hookup but we are full dating. I am his girlfriend and he refers her to as his partner. I am not okay with the relationship anymore. I want to be with him but this is becoming too hard. I am compromising who I am to be with him... I just need some advice from someone who is or has been in an open relationship. Thank you!

  • @lil_shouboutai Take advice from TM , If someone is not giving you the attention and love you deserve quit and go watch a nice movie or do something you like . That simple

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    be single.

  • @lil_shouboutai If you trust in your inner goddess and truelly believe he can still change his mind and be yours, keep trying your luck in this convoluted relationship but as far as I can tell, he could just be flirting around with ue and just wanting to.......hehe:))) what is wrong with me lmao. Well, to such people, this is just another hobby such as watching Man U disciplining Arsenal🤣🤣🤣yah am not Arsenal fan I accept without likes and dislikes mehe:))) Arsenal fans I love ue all ok??? UwU💋💋. As I was saying... such a hobby truelly brings excitement and one can wait for it uneasily as if life depends on it but once it's done, you get back to other things that matter. Not everything is valued in a relationship although the thoughts of it brings a rush in your spirit and sometimes a smile you cannot account for.

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