• Hi everyone! It's really difficult for me to start new relationships. I have been dating with my ex girlfriend for 5 years. It was my first relations. So now I don't really understand how to build new lesbians relationships

  • I am terrible at relationships, and i am not gay, but according to my bi friend, all she did was spot a girl or dude she liked at work or wherever, and just straight ask them if they were interest on go to the movies or something after work. She didn't tell me step by step the hole process but that's how she started everything.

  • @carry_jein Go to a night club for lesbians and gays , There should be people like you who are looking for a relationship too , since ur lesbian its harder for you to find another lesbian here and there.

  • If you stop looking for a relationship, life will literally throw one in your face. But there's like a ton of places you can meet people gym, running club, work, zoo. Don't be afraid to go places yourself, smile at people and you'll be surprised at how many react. I met my first girlfriend in McDonald's, I was ordering food and she complimented my accent. (I have a thick Irish accent)

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