• Well, this is my first post (may be a protest letter) and I am well aware of what I fully write here. There are several questions pop out to my mind suddenly after seeing all of your answers, the way you reply or even your posts. This is just my critical side of view, feel free to comments whatever your own opinions or new ideas. Please I do not want to see cussing words so use the proper words to say your ideas.
    It started with @Stranger_Danger who decide left this site with his own willingness but he was banned until 2045 as per his request. I do not mean to blame or offend you bro @evan-elderson or everybody who supported his decisions but if it is his personal wish, he can just walk away like @Lucifer and some other people doing here. Why he should get banned? It is nonsense, he did not do something wrong I guess. IMHO, with this banned, it means directly some people wants him to not be back here or you can say, “You kick him out while he did not make any mistakes”. I am just curious with what is really happening until this decision could be exist. This decision is still questionable for me.
    Again, this is just what I think; some of you perhaps hate or dislike somebody else in here and screw with that I do not care. However, making a post as you put someone in the corner without any evidences, any proof listed even a valid data, a valid source, or a single piece of screenshot, then you do hate speech, you say something unpleasant, then you have a meaningless argumentation there, it is not good because there is no compassion involve in there. I believe you are changing to be animal who brutally hunt down the weak one. What are you looking for in here? What is your purpose to be here if you just find a victim then bully that person FRONTALLY? Is there anything that you can do for this person? Why do not you flag this person and indicate them such an annoying and superior so they once get understand to behave later.
    The last, this is about sexual orientation. I am seeing some of people may be uncomfortable with LGBT stuff and people in here, but as you aware of they have the rights to be exist in this site, to blend and mingle with all of you, they have a right to be friends with others. Hence, you have to respect and embrace with them, if you do not like it, just back off and walk away. You do not have to scold or cuss them. Well, I feel really offend with some people like this, as they do not have something “good” in their life.
    As per my long explanation above, @RAGNAR dude, you may have another visionary or concern related with this stuff? Can you add the option of cyber bullying for the second point or sexual harassment for the last point in “Flag this person”? I am on personal business trip for several days, so please expect delay in my response. Thank you.

  • @g-a firstly, it is in my opinion your manner of thinking is too divergent or objective for this website. When I first came here, my goal was to be a troll with no strings attached. Unfortunately, I let my honest nature and compassion for people get in the way. I began to make friends and sought a more philosophical path. I told stories about my past and shared my nightmares and my hidden dreams; people supported and encouraged me to share more. For once, on the internet, I felt accepted and by complete strangers, no less. Things seemed good but that is only because what you see on the surface is always more beautiful than what lies beneath.

    Good old @Lucifer did an excellent job remaining silent (at least with people who didn't know him personally). When he left it opened a door of deception I was beginning to uncover for myself anyways; things began to fall apart. A few trolls managed to unhinge this place and certain mods went dark for a spell. During the upheaval, a request was made from the founder to enlist new mods (mature ones as it was put). My name was mentioned and I reluctantly joined the ranks.

    The first thing I did when I obtained mod status was to talk to users, old users. Not just certain ones but all of them. I wanted to know the untold stories, the lies, the dirty little secrets because I found myself slipping into the curious dischord of my younger years. And I was certain that knowing the whole story would allow me to moderate fairly. Like with all things, the truth has a way making one become jaded. With the exit of certain users and the back and forth of others, my attachments began to wear thin. What you see now is but a shadow of my former online persona.

    For me, this place is an ever changing puzzle. I am not here so much for the interactions with others but more so the ability to learn how people operate within a social media environment. Things are easier to uncover on this platform, secrets are easier to crack, and lies are even more petty when the truth is hovering just overhead.

    @stranger-danger was (is) my friend even if the feeling is not reciprocated. He asked me to ban him because the urge to return is too great when the option is still available. It was only brought to my attention recently that we mods should not ban individuals who request it. Had this been explained to me I would not have done it. Though I didn't want to do it, I respected his wishes. To me it was akin to a soldier who knew he was going to die painful death begging for a swift end. My ban was the bullet in stranger dangers head. I agree, he should left the same way Lucifer did but we all deal with our problems/vices in different ways. I didn't pry for answers just obeyed his wishes and accept full responsibility for the repercussions of my actions (as I do with everything in life).

    One day, I too will probably join the ranks of the departed but my exit will be silent. I will not request a ban or write a long good-bye or thoughtful bio. I will simple fade away, so slowly no one will notice or care. People who know me outside TWS will know how to reach me and if they don't I will be fine with that because this just the internet after all.

    I do not fret on such fleeting things.

  • @g-a well, mods get alot of requests from users to ban their account with several reasons, others they just dont want to be on the site, or they couldnt find friends, or its just how addictive is this site that they cant just "move on", so banning is the good option for them as they ask for it.
    I cant blame @Evan-Elderson for his action as we never know what our fellow friend @stranger-danger going through, and why he asked for the ban, he could just walk away like how @Lucifer did. So everything have a reason.
    Talking about the site's rules, a user shouldnt get banned even if he asked for it, he could just walk away. Log out and never come back. So if user asks for a ban you could easly log him out or give him short ban.
    Cyber bullying, sexual harrasment, trolling, spamming, all these are not allowed on the site. As it possibly shape the site as a bad place and we could lost many users within a blink of an eye. And we wont ever accept that. Whoever finds any of these problems he have a reson and right to flag a person who is duing any of these (cyber bullying, sexual harrasment, trolling and spamming). If flag doesnt work then you can directly pm or text any mod who is online.

  • @g-a

    Everyone has their own ways of dealing with an addiction. And you don't need to go that far too see how internet can be addicting, hell there are even memes and videos everywhere of people that sinked into an online vice and couldn't ever get away from it without a ban / deleting their "existence".
    When I was in my teen days I used to play an online game called World of Warcraft and I knew ppl (married couples even) that would sink their whle life in it and could only get away from it if they would delete their whole existence in that said world.
    I believe there's no way to delete our account in here, so @Stranger_Danger just found a resourceful way to do it, so I don't blame him or @Evan-Elderson for helping him.

    As for the rest, bullies always exist on the internet, they are frustrated little trolls that take pleasure in tormenting the weak ones, I guess they need to compensate something they lack by doing it. They are also too full of themselves to realize noone (but their small group of troll friends) likes em so they keep living in their dream world 😆

    But that's what an nline comunity is after all, there's always the silent ones, the interesting ones, the bullies, the ones that show up / vanish all the time, and so forth.

  • -deleted-

  • @Mr-H it is such an interesting topics when you say about dealing with addiction. Obviously, we all have our own ways to deal with it. Please don’t mistake me about @stranger_danger and @evan-eldersen case since I just want to know how this case appeared and ended up like that. Evan has explained all this stuff and I completely understand. About cyber bullying, we may well aware of @YoursBucky or several cases here. I don’t want to take any side or look for someone who had full responsible about it. I just feel like “you seriously want to kick out and drag someone down but you don’t have any evidence of it? Woa. Thats not fair”. Then I get the a conclusion that everyone who saw that post was aware but they have nothing to do so do I since we dont understand, that’s why I ask this case to @RAGNAR.

  • Music Lovers

    @g-a @g-a Here is what I am failing to understand.

    What has happened between @Stranger_Danger and @Evan-Elderson really has not affected any of you.

    It is a mark of their realtionship that Snek asked Evan to ban him, ..no-one else ..but Him.
    Snek waited about 20 hours from the first time he wanted to get banned to 3 AM the next day ,just so someone he knew & respected would be the one to sent him off.

    He knew he was asking a lot ,asking his friend to ban him ..never a easy thing ..but he still trusted him.He knew Evans would understand .

    Either way Snek would have left.

    So if thats why you are upset, please dont take it upon yourselves to put the blame on the messenger

    I have recently reached out to Snek on a different social media platform.

    Like me a month ago, he reached the breaking point in his real life. It was time to work on himself before he could be happy again.

    However, getting onto this site, it is easier to put on the mask of happiness.
    And then the pain inside will just continue getting worse.

    Snek made the conscious decision to be banned so that way he doesnt have a chance to hide the pain.

    If I am being honest, as his friend, I am proud of him and completely support the decision. Nate ( @Evan-Elderson ) did what i would do too.

    And if you were his friend, you would understand too.

    Maybe @talkwithstranger does not like us banning users for no reason. But for the sake of helping another human being be happy again, I would break that rule a thousand times.

    I understand you like the guy ,but he wasnt the type to blame others or create problems ...He liked peace.
    So as someone who likes him ,please honor his legacy by understanding & even if you dont ,at least tolerating .

    I also would just like to say, I am helping Snek .
    I am there for him.
    It is likely you will see him again.
    So dont be missing him too bad 😛.

    (Just one last modification but Snek proofread this message and edited it as he saw fit)

  • @willow thank you (Reptile also)... I don't have any other word. You have made my day, thank you 😊🤗

  • @evan-elderson

    I still fall back to that vice. Thankfully I never got addicted to it, I would eventually get bored of it and quit, but god I knew about people who would have a hard time with money and still play and waste shitload of money on what they shouldn't.

    I prefer to annoy the shit out of them, makes it more fun 😆

  • @evan-elderson I would like to thank you for all of kind words, unimagined explanation below and some flashback stories from you. I never expect that this will have a good response and this discussion is up with mature human. Allow me to summarize your comments in order to avoid misunderstanding and misconception.

    1. You can say that I perhaps quite different from all of new joiners here, I do have objections or my manner thinking is divergent but there is no motivation why I suddenly come to this site and I don’t have any idea what I am looking for. Therefore, since first, what I am doing is just watching people thread and discussions then try to mingle and blend with them.
    2. Indeed, I completely agree with your words for good old friends who might have such peaceful life wherever he belongs to @Lucifer. I miss this man.
    3. Yes, I notice your sudden miracle when you are on the list new modes. I read all of relevant thread about it. Then, I concede your “new transformation” there.
    4. I have no words again for @stranger_danger after I read your explanation. At first, I thought perhaps there was something wrong between you guys or you might grant what he wished because your mercy and compassion for him. Sorry I dismissed this case and if I offend you, I really am sorry.
    5. What I believe about exit from something you love create such heavy feeling, drained and fully pain. Once when you want to be back, all of things have change. What I want to say, if you still have something you love here, just stay. If there is nothing left, you can do as you wish.
      Again thank you man for your words.

  • @willow well it seems like i am offended or saying a bad thing to Evan, but i dont mean to and i am apologizing too. No, i am not upset, it is more like i am sad for his leaving after his last stories and asking to Evan what is the real situation. If you know i miss his stories so bad like i am back to that thread and read that again, and i am just "oh no man, after this masterpiece published you suddenly left". But after Evan's explanation, i fully understand and support his decision.

  • @ragnar Okay dude. 👍

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