• Most guys who have had or are in a relationship could agree with me on this when they need their girl, maybe.
    I need her!


    In meh bed! Wearing meh clothes! Under meh sheets! Cuddling meh! Kissing meh!

    You get the picture!

    I need her here loving meh!

    I just need her! And no one else!

    Only here!

    The smell of her all over meh clothes and meh sheets and meh pillows. Her smell everywhere. Her hair everywhere. My room a mess from her adding her things. Not having space enough for her stuff in the bathroom. Making her breakfast every morning. Waking up next to her. And falling asleep next to her. Instead of saying goodbye we only say goodnight every night, and the first good morning I give in the morning belongs to her. I need to feel her soft carmel colored skin against mine and her soft beautiful lips all over my lips and my body. Her soft hands on my back and chest. Her smile. Her eyes. Her laugh. Her voice. Her wonderful singing voice. Her funny side. Her bad side. Her Idek side. Her shopping feminen (Idk if I spelled that right) side. Her maybe slightly masculine side where she fished and hunts and shoots guns. In the truck. In meh house. And last but not least always in meh bed.

    I need her

    And No one else

    Only and always and forever her

    Because I am forever and always will only be hers.
    And like I'm always freaking out that I'll never have enough money to buy that perfect girl (which I hope and plan is Abby) the ring she deserves ya know. And my friends are also in the same boat as me. But I think I finally understand some things now. Like I saw some quotes and I'm just like damn. Like one said "Never marry a rich man because he will try to give you the world with money and clothes and such. But the poorer man realizes that he can't buy you everything you but he will love you like you are every thing." And then there's just more like someone complaining. "So I'm really confused about why girls are so concerned about what kind of ring they are going to have, I mean a man is offering his life to you and you are worried about a hunk of carbon on a metal band."
    So changing gears.
    So like one of my friends was talking to me like asking how he can show his girl how much he loves her. And he's been thru a lot like me and so I told him some things. Like it doesn't matter how much jewelry you give her, how much flowers or chocolate you give her, it doesn't matter how much you give her because there is only one thing you can give her. Well really two. One your heart and two your time. Cause theres nothing more that she would honestly want than your heart.
    So anyway just Some random thoughts so feel free to chip in. And for now I'll Stfu.

  • I love youπŸ–€

  • @abby-83 I love you more beautiful! ❀

  • @boots22 I love you most handsome!πŸ–€

  • @abby-83 Oof to much love! Its like flying to close to the sun, except I wont burn. Its a feeling of comfort and protection and unexplainable things! Its the best feeling in the world so I'm on a crash course headed straight for you, and hoping I don't burn up in the atmosphere so I can live in paradise, because Abby you are paradise.

  • @boots22 πŸ˜πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ you are my escape from everything πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ–€

  • @abby-83 so I'm your escape and you are my paradise. Nioce!


  • @sup it's to late you are already infected. And if you don't spread the love than you will be killed by it.

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