Introducing TWS Points & Awards! Earn Points, Win Awards & Celebrate the Success!

  • Hello Happy Users,

    We are excited to launch another cool feature, it's called


    Points are assigned to each user profiles based on many things, these can include following:

    1. Posts
    2. Topics
    3. Activity

    In a nutshell, if you act good with others you will climb up the popularity ladder faster!

    You will see these options on users page.

    So these points as you earn, you will raise your levels, more levels will mean:

    1. You will be important & recognized person on TWS.
    2. People will respect you and appreciate you.
    3. You will have more chances to become either Global Mods OR any Category's mod. For e.g @US-poet is very good writer so he can be a Mod for Artists Category
    4. If you are really good at something and want a category for discussion yourself, let us know we will create you a separate group and category for you!
    5. This also means, you might have access to hidden and unique features of TWS before anyone else. Kinda cool, yeah ;)
    6. You will feel good about yourself
    7. You will be able to show your points & Awards on your profile and decorate your profile with them.
    8. You will be able to share your achievements and success with your real life friends too outside TWS, using social media shares.
    9. Users can also do self and their friends nominations by doing popularity contests and polls, and after a joint consensus we can allocate them awards formally by doing an Awards Ceremony.
    10. You will get instant visibility by new users who have just joined TWS minutes ago & they will be able to contact and reach you sooner then the others 60,000 users on TWS.

    Keep contributing AWESOME content, Encourage others, Be Active and Keep Having Fun!

    Earn & Celebrate your achievements and be happy by being an active part of TWS !

    hi 5

  • @rendezvous okay. If you have better ideas to make this site more engaging and fun let us know and keep us updated

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @talkwithstranger I’m very excited to see new things! When you’re this start?🤗

  • Awards are cool but this will make the website much more complex. Simple is not always bad. I just find the normal TWS way better.

  • Music Lovers

    @talkwithstranger Why tf do you want to make so many changes so drastically. You are now trying so much to make this site so engaging with such bad ideas and it will end in site becoming trash.
    Do not over try. Rest for a bit.

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