Different topic channels?

  • I was thinking it would be a good idea for users to have the option to each create 1 chat channel that anyone can join. The room creator would be able to change the topic and kick people out of that chat only. Each chat room would be public. This would be great cause if some people want to have conversations about something, they can have them without having to worry about toxic members cause they can just be kicked from the room by the room owner. Like I said before, each user should be able to create 1 channel but it should be limited as well to 1 channel per IP that way there aren't tons upon tons of channels. I obviously can't implement this but if it gets enough attention, the admin will most likely take a look.

    I pose the question tho whether it would be a good idea to everyone.

  • Music Lovers

    Good idea, but in your DM we think you can already create that?

    Do you mean this will work better in global chat?

    Giving users ability to create dynamic channels/rooms on the fly.

  • @talkwithstranger they will be public for anyone to join right when they are created. Room leaders will have the option to ban them from their chat. In dms, u have to be added. With this, u can just join based on the topic

  • This post is deleted!

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