What do you do during heartbreak?

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    What do you do when you feel like dying?
    What do you do when the hurt is so great your hands shake?
    What do you do when the sadness creates an ache in your heart so great that it becomes an agonizing pain?
    how do I make it stop

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    @willoww My heart broke when I saw "banned" written on your profile 😞

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    @willoww Just remember that everything will be okay

  • @willoww
    Books can be a nice way to forget the current situation and lessen the pain, if you're not into books you can try out movies.
    Don't forget that it is fine to not feel ok, cry if you need to, take things as slow as needed, don't feel pressured to be alright.
    I also advice meditation.
    Good luck moving on.

  • @sup Yeah ,it teared me up too.
    Sis come back. 😭 😭 😭
    Reptile misses you.

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    @willoww time, separation, being alone with your thoughts to figure out who you are, and focus on yourself. The only person who matters is you right now, and getting used to who you are as a person.

  • @Willoww If sleep doesnt come then try sleeping pills.

    Time will heal ,if not make you able to live with the wound , but until then you may need to use other stuff to help you.
    Doctor's can give the precise medications... take care not to get addicted.

    Trekking,travelling ,scuba diving ,Yoga things

    Do any variation of them...whatever you want.
    The point is the effect they have on your body.

    They will Exhaust you,so that you can sleep at night.

    Those physical exercises & travels will also release dopamine - pleasure hormone in the brain..so that will help too.

    Combination of exhaustion & over the course of the physicals those dopamines will create very strong effect on you.

    focus on comfort food like ice cream

    Crying,weeping ,watching horror movies ...do whatever you want ..anything that makes you feel lighter off your chest is good.

    ...perhaps take in a pet like a Therapy Dog.
    Those are very good at helping people in loss.
    I can personally attest to it.

    Shit-talk/vent/rage/nice-talk(whatever you want) with people who make you feel good & arent going to offer judgement.
    Cut off those who doesnt(at least for now).
    You dont need more drama in life.

    Above all else remember It's not your fault.
    Please donot think your death will be a cure.You will only leave us without a family member.

    Family,best-friend,nicest person ,Kind-nature ...these are all the adjectives used to describe you here.
    Personally You feel like a big sis to me.(even though I'm older ,you feel more mature than me ..its kinda embarrassing I know...Just being honest to someone I look upto ..)

    We love you & would like to see you taking care of yourself.
    Not being dapper ,but atleast not starving or killing yourself through exhaustion.

    If at any point you feel like shit,like no-one cares ..Remember our names,your interactions with your Precious people here .
    The ones who make you happy ,the ones who makes you smile,the ones who inspires you,the ones who leaves you in awe at their creativity ... Remember that you are dear to them.

    We may not be there ,we may not be able to do much...But our hearts & soul go with you.
    Our hearts pain at the thought of you being in pain & feeling sorrow at our helplessness.
    Please endure the agony for us , take care of yourself for us , Live for us.
    We love you.

    God's I almost teared up writing that last piece.
    Too much raw emotion, too quick.

    Sorry,If I sounded sappy.

  • @willoww Try finding something or someone that makes you happy like a really good friend or a parent, just try to get your mind off of it, I've been where you are not too long ago and it's not a good feeling I get you, but you just have to try and get through it somehow, it's not worth it to spend all of your time thinking about this person.

  • @Willoww please take a look at the book of real life experience of a person who too lost his child.

    When Bad Things Happen to Good People
    by Harold S. Kushner

    When Harold Kushner’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that meant the boy would only live until his early teens, he was faced with one of life’s most difficult questions: Why, God?

    Years later, Rabbi Kushner wrote this straightforward, elegant contemplation of the doubts and fears that arise when tragedy strikes.

    In these pages, Kushner shares his wisdom as a rabbi, a parent, a reader, and a human being.

    Often imitated but never superseded, When Bad Things Happen to Good People is a classic that offers clear thinking and consolation in times of sorrow.

    Please listen to the author telling in detail ,his experience at the time ,his thoughts & feelings ...I really think it will help you a lot.

    Also a link to the book on amazon if you decide after listening to the video that you want to read it.
    I couldnt really find any pirated pdf's.
    Only audiobooks & those are not of sufficient quality.


  • Alright, here's a true story, 2 years ago i went through a bad break up, and what helped me move on was basicly watching one piece, and after about 400 episodes, in about 2 months, i had already forgotten about my ex.
    SO BASICLY, do something to get your mind off of who ever broke your heart.

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  • @stranger_danger Why was she banned!!!

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    @cheesecake-lesb She asked for it 😑

  • Oh darlin...let it go. I know...Frozen made it cliche .... but if someone breaks your heart.... they arent your happily ever after. I solemnly promise you that.

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  • @n0ur

    Are you kidding

  • what you do? simple, you move on.

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