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    You dont own me

    Do not be mistaken
    I may be suicidal, depressed, sensitive, and emotional.
    But that does not mean you can dominate me.
    You cannot take me, away from me

    This is for the person who likes to put me down for the jokes I tell. To make up for what I feel inside (dead) I like to do things that will make me laugh. I like to say shit that will make others laugh. So so not sorry if my dirty humor is too much for you.
    Im single. Im single for a reason. Because I want to be my own person. I want to develop a family that will support me. And I want to use my time giving my family what they have given me, happiness.
    So no. You cannot come in here and act like you own me. You cannot show up and expect me to change the way I am. Expect me to talk to certain people and ignore others
    Because that’s not your call to make. Its mine.
    I gave you my love. I let you into my heart because I CARED about you. Do not take that love and twist it so that I always feel like the bad guy. Do not enter my heart and destroy it from the inside.
    You dont own me


    This is for the friends that couldnt support my plans. My choices. I aint calling people out, but im not keeping it bottled up inside either.
    I am not a damsel in distress. I do not need a white knight to come in here to rescue me. I am my own white knight If I needed help, I wouldve asked for it. And if you dont help, that is fine, just support me.
    All I ever want is to know that people have my back. That the people I trust, the people I put my faith in, at least have a little faith in me.
    Do NOT go make these decisions for me. Do NOT fight my battles for me your way. Its my decision to make
    You dont own me


    Sometimes life gets rough, damn whatta surprise heavy sarcasm. And I get stressed and miserable and sad. If you help me. Please do not act like you are some superhero that saved a little fragile puppy.
    I will not bow before your feet and worship you because you helped me. Will I be grateful? Absolutely. But it makes me feel even more like shit when you treat me like some innocent child you just saved.
    Because I am NOT a weak person.
    And you are not in any way above me just because I let my emotions control me
    You dont own me


    And this is one for the trolls. This is for the ones I let drive my emotions and thoughts sometimes. Ive heard it all on here
    Stupid cunt
    Ugly ass bitch
    I KNOW. Good God I already KNOW THIS SHIT.
    I cant argue with it. I cant disagree with someone when I dont really believe it. I want to believe Im a beautiful, smart, amazing human being. I want to, but I dont.
    Here is what you dont do. Dont remind me.
    I sometimes wonder how it feels. To be at such a low point in my life, that I feel the need to make others feel like shit. Ive been through some pretty awful things, felt pretty awful things. And yet, I never once intentionally made someone feel like shit. I never once supported someone who joked and made fun of another. And I dont intend to ever start.
    So Im sorry if you think your insults get to me. The thoughts were already there before you said it. So it really doesnt change a thing.
    you dont own me


    A message for Snek.
    If he ever reads this (haha motherfuckers, I know for a fact he wont because Imma send him the edited version).

    Youre the first person I text in the morning and the last goodnight I give.
    Youre the person who I joke with the most and the one who can make me laugh.
    Youre the smile I live to see and the person Ive always wanted to be (ew cringey rhyming)
    Youre the person I cant picture my life without. For as long into the future I like to imagine, youre in it.
    A little man who likes to pretend to be a horny reptile online.
    I dig it
    So take yo squishy cheeks and be happy because guess what?


    I love you too

    So yeah

    Confession post done

    awkward mic drop and shuffles off stage

  • @willow very good

  • @willow dear willow. . everything will be alright :)

    About people who said that to you. . i understand virtual hug

  • i wrote all of it
    Its really good!