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    I wake up every morning and I check for messages from the three most important people in my life- @RAGNAR @football_m29 and you @BOOTS22 . Im pretty sure i remember the first time we talked. It was the public chat and you were looking for advice-as always :p. The night turned to something fun. I learned all sorts of stuff about you, and told you all of the unnecessary shit about me. This was the beginning of something that I never saw coming-a friendship strong enough to actually last through our fights.
    Bootsie you underestimate yourself. You hardcore judge yourself too hard. You love hard, you care for people even harder. Of allll your girlfriends, i have seen that @Abby.83 is perfect. Shes perfect because she sees how much youre worth. You are one of the kindest people i have met. Even when you are drowning in your own problems, you are there for anyone that needs you. When its said and done, at the end of the day, my favorite thing was to check out the memes you sent that day. Your dedication to your besties is strong. Like i said, you care. And lastly, whether you believe it or not, because we are always having this conversation, you are handsome, so fucking accept it already :p.
    With that i will wish you a happy birthday. Go and get fat from eating too much cake buddy!! Happy birthday and enjoy the age of sixteen. Now that you are definitely in the ages of teen stereotypes, have fun with it! But dont drink, do drugs, party (too hard :), or knock up a girl. Now go run the world!
    Happy birthday to You.
    You smell like a zoo.
    You’re named after Dora’s monkey
    Andddd you probs smell like him too
    &happy bday
    happy bday

  • @willoww yeah well I get those nice things from you, @RAGNAR and @football_m29. After being friends with y'all for awhile you started to rub off on me. And I don't plan on drinking, or doing drugs, or knocking up a girl, I mean I'm taken and I don't wanna screw that up so. But going to parties, that's what I plan on doing. Lol.