• Yeah .. During walking alone , some people (like me) r busy in their own thoughts in mind .. And sometimes I remind some jokes / vid of standup comedian n I laughed .. But in other people's point of view they will think we this moron is laughing suddenly .. πŸ˜… but that can't stop me to giggle n with the help of my jaw n strong jaw mussels .. I try to compress my giggling .. sigh
    But yeah.. When I walk with someone, I don't give damn to other people (but that someone have to take me in comfort zone) ..
    P.s. I made this topic coz I remind a video of standup comedian zakir khan .... I can't stop laughing when I see his vid .. N somehow I learned something from his vids.. Basically he is saying his experience in funny way..
    So is that ever happened with u ? And did u give damn to peoples (who r completely stranger for u) ? And how much situation is changed when u walking with someone who comforts u ?

  • @33-_
    I always shadow practice Guitar or Some football tricks while walking alone. I sometimes start my warm-up exercises too.. And I don’t give a damn about anyone being around... Football is effing everything!

    And I usually keep a smile on face whenever I see strangers. I randomly appreciate by clapping the ones whom I see jogging or sprinting even though they’re damn tired and I always give a loud shout after I climb a mountain, always. So yeah, I do weird things and starting laughing in public because you suddenly remember a good joke is also one of β€˜em.

    And my bestie is more idgaf person than me. So yeah, its more freedom being with her. But if I’m with anyone else, I act more civilised.

  • @Wolfie_11
    U remind me a school friend who act like he is bowling (bowling in cricket) n I laugh n feel awkward on that situation .. But after puberty hits him .. Everything is alright. .
    U no need 1k views for stopping me to change usernames... Coz I promise that I'll stick with this username forever :+1:

  • @ASHUTOSH33 is that a code? 3333333333333333333333333

  • @Anonymous-Void
    Yup.. It is

  • @ash33 It sounds to me like you might be talking about the Giggleloop...

  • @Matt_Aranha yeah sort of πŸ˜…

  • @ash33 Does this mean you also know about the Sock Gap and the Melty Man? πŸ˜‚

  • @Matt_Aranha no.. who is melty man?

  • @ash33 Oh jeez I might have just opened Pandora's Box πŸ˜‚

    So there is a British comedy show called Coupling which ran for 4 series. It was kinda like Friends in some ways but more, well, British, and a bit more risquΓ© at times. It's my favourite comedy series ever and introduced us to the Giggleloop, Sock Gap, Captain Subtext, Unflushables, Porn Buddies the Truth Snake and lots more, usually through one of the characters Jeff who was a sweet but quirky misfit.

    The Melty Man is the mythical manifestation of the voice a guy might in his head just before he's about to have sex and is all primed/good to go, a seed of doubt or questioning about something which once planted spirals out of control kicking anxiety in and causing (cough, cough).... "deflation".