• I see it in the way you listen to music and hear the meaning behind the words. And i see it in the way you talk about the past. You, my sister/brother are heartbroken. Its funny how you grow and change with someone in a relationship,whether it is platonic or not. When you give a part of your life, for however long, to someone, you change and grow as a person, and when that relationship is over, you feel lost.
    Sometimes i still feel the way when i think about my past long term relationship,. Despite the emptiness, though, you have a choice. I believe you can choose to continue to grow from it or not. After a relationship is over and the hurt feeling go away (which can take quite sometime) i know it seems like you are all alone, but i hope i know you arent. You have a world full of beautiful peoples, full of caring hearts, friends, family, whose heartache for you and with you. You are so loved, more than you know. From this moment forward, it should be your last day of regret, because its not your loss anymore, its theirs. The love of your life will not be found swiping left or right at 1:00 am in social medias. There are days you will sit there and think about the past, i do that too if im being honest. But its now in the past for a reason.
    When you are sad read this article and know it is for you!! You are loved, you are beautiful! And you are going to be okay!!!!.
    Now go get some rest

  • Love it 😍

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  • the potential love of ur life could be found anywhere anytime ragnar,but in reality what you find is just a compatible person,and like u said growing with that person makes him or her the love of ur life.

  • @khaleezi91 i agree they could be found anywhere anyhow. All i meant is bout patiance and stop being sad or rush