• I'm talking about 8 nov 2016 demonetization in india coz that was really quickly taken decision for civilians of India ever (at least for me πŸ˜…)
    My experience,
    I knew in those day we(my family) not really watch news on daily basis (still don't.. Memes r my news source) .. So that time I saw some memes about this n I ignored that.. Coz not all memes r trustworthy.. But after some minutes my sister call me n saying about this n said that to my dad n he was like that's impossible .. πŸ˜‚ ..
    N we stared watching news channel.. Where India's prime minister was giving speech .. Its like he is just acknowledged us that after 12 mid night 1000 n 500 rupees notes r banned .. Only u can use that for emergency like for medical issues or just exchange it from ur nearest bank .. N he gave that speech at 8 pm so almost all backs r closed that moment .. I did not brother that coz I had 100 rupees notes that time . but!! My dad withdrew some hard cash for giving that to landlord n thank god he gave it to em xD .. But still there was more cash in locker .. That was drag for him. But I was amazed by my friend who dad running a patpedhi(it's kind of bank @div explain this in English google is not working πŸ˜…) so people deposits their cash in that patpedhi and only in three days collection was 30 lac rupees .. That was really too much..
    So. What if this situation is happened in ur country? (Asking to people of other country)

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