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    My time here has been fun.
    I can remember so many happy private conversations, public chat weirdos, and building my friend group.
    This site has given me a lot of experience in strange and unique categories. Like cyberbullying prevention and how to deal with the horny. 🙂 However, its downhill.
    Im not here to make yet another post about how much TWS sucks (as much as I want to, imma hold myself back :p.)
    Recently my life has gotten stressful (always) and Im slipping back into this void of blankness. Im slipping back to the mentality that this is all too...fake. That the whole world including myself has faked in one way or another. Whether it be through fake love or even just fake people, its time to pick me.
    No more spammers. No more trolls. No more misery. And no more admin jabber. No more fake friends. No more fake personality traits. And most of all, no more sadness.
    I would like to thank everyone that made these last five months so fun. You pushed me to be happy every time. And you pushed me to be a better person. I have never met so many people that accept me as who I am.
    I would also like to thank the assholes and bitches. Thank you for showing me who I am. Helping me realize what I stand for, where my opinion rests. Thank you for showing me what I can and cant control, and helping me practice this control.
    Its time for me to quit running from the inevitable, and choose myself. This is me. Willow Maryann Louisa Sanders. And I choose to work on myself rather than pour my heart into other peoples problems and weird chatrooms.
    It was my home. But now home is just going to be a distant memory.

    @talkwithstranger you can go ahead and unmod this account. It will be inactive for a very very long time.
    If anyone else every needs ANYTHING, i will be here for 12 more hours, and then tomorrow, I start a new chapter of myself. One that it TWS free. But back to it, if you need anything, you have twelve hours to ask in pm’s for my instagram or email.
    Bye bye

  • Freedom Writers

    @willoww good for you. I hope you figure yourself out, and once you're healthy enough again, I hope to see you around here once more. I'd love to stay in touch, please keep me updated on what's going on in your life from time to time.

  • @willoww Dammit ,i was fearing just this when i noticed you have been far more withdrawn & silent lately.

    Gods, i found you to be very kind & wished to share the fun ...
    I was posting humorous comments & stuff ,for people like you..for others ,so that other people can see & laugh...so that their time here is enjoyable...
    I feel like I've failed somehow..
    Its bittersweet.wanting you to be here... but also wanting you to be away & be happy.

    Of course ,its your life ,you are an adult ...The choices are yours.& I will respect it.
    So Adios ,my good-but-short-timed friend.

    May we see each other again.

  • @willoww nuuuu will nuuuu

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    This is sad. Don't go, please....Can you come here for a little bit of time at least? 😕
    That's all I have to say. Anyways farewell.

  • This truly touched me. It's been a blast knowing you, Mallow. Seeing you grow exponentially on this site has been fun... and now it's pretty cool seeing this poignant part of your life.
    You truly left your mark on TWS. You won't be forgotten, no doubt about that.

    Farewell, and best of luck on this journey.

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  • @willoww I'm happy for you Will. 🙂🙂🙂 Goodbye.

    P.S. One last hug! (>^.^)>
    P.P.S. See you again by Charlie Puth is on

  • @willoww Goodbye Willow, it's been a blast knowing you. I hope life treat you well and you can be happy. Thanks for the laughs (and the gifs) in my short period here in TWS. Farewell and the best of luck!!

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  • @willoww Guysss she's not dying. So many people saying Iam sorry for you.
    My bish will be back.

  • @willoww good for you bestie. Glad you are finally able to step away from TWS and all the drama it has brought. You are an amazing person and deserve more than the shit that was happening to you here. You know how to reach me if you want to talk. (>•.•)>

  • @the-dude omfgggggg wowww lemme try that too

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    good luck willow!

  • Music Lovers

    @willoww I hope you come back one day, and when you do, you feel much better. I'll miss you ❤

  • -deleted-

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    @willoww So sorry to see you go. Many people will lose a wonderful friend, including myself. It has been a blast talking to you and knowing you. I hope you do well in your later life, and I hope this decision proves to be a good decision for your life. Keep your awesomeness running and keep making people happy with it. You will be missed here. All the best for your everything you pursue in your life!!

  • @nutellabiggoat R.I.P. GOAT

  • Well...as long as your decision is what makes you happy..that’s fine...gonna miss you willoww!

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @nutellabiggoat WAY TO GO GALLLL

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