You can read it later as your reminder that everything is possible.

  • When you ever re-read this post Nibby/GA/DG, these memories will be your greatest learning about the relationship and journey to love someone.

    You woke up in the middle night today when she gave you a call, stayed for 2 hours straight to listen to her words and tried to chill down her emotions after all. A girl whom you knew since you were 13 yo, someone whom you 've been dating for 9 years 8 months (through on-off relationship), your gf in the past who cheated on you then declared she was pregnant with your bestie and the one who stayed with you for whatever situations for almost 13 years.

    You did not know how you felt today, it seems like everything is cloudy. You can not hate nor love her, you can not blame her nor silence, whatever you did in the last 5 hours seems like useless things. All of her words are on your minds rn. The time when she said it is karma of her actions, the stories how your bestie treated her unfairly, the memories she brought back till you realized, if you never had that letter in 6.6.18, you might do the craziest things just for her.

    You might throwback time in December 2017, when you bought her a ring that she wished in that time, the stupid actions and words you tried to say in front of her to make her "your wife". Then she told the exact things, she repeated saying "sorry, coz I have slept with your bestie in the middle of my drunk and I already cheated on you for 2 years with him", the time you felt like nothing you have to fight for till you lost your job, you got fired and you lost everything. But you, stupid human being who can not be mad in front of her, try to blame yourself coz of her words "you are too busy with your work, even if it is weekend, you do your work also".

    You might remember in that March 2018, she told you that she was 3 months pregnant till she came up with the decision to marry your bestie. That wedding card was delivered on your home, all of your fellas interviewed you, your family raised all of the questions related with that till you realized, you were nothing. Your time for almost 10 years with her is nothing, You locked your doors for 3 months straight, did not do anything you want. You let your depression, you lost your intentions of life. You did not want to face reality.

    But then, when she had bad things in her life, you tried to embrace everything, let it go and continued your life. You even said to her that she is perfectly perfect with her flawless, she is the best gift ever in your teenagers time, till you thank her for staying with you and loving you. The time when she cried till you suddenly burst your tears, admitted you were hurt that she chose him over you. "Look, I never broke my promise right? I never left you for whatever happens. I am with you for no matter situations. You might think I am too stupid, giving you second chance after all but you end up with cheating on me with other guys. But, Re, you always be my first love, my first girl whom I love till now. I will talk to your husband as my friend, I will forgive everything. Last time he asked you from me, I really want him to be dead in front of me, till I realized, you chose him over me. He promised me that he will treat you better than me", Aput you are really retarded.
    Once she told you that she felt small in front of you, she felt nothing, she has nothing to be proud of, she thought you deserve someone better than her even her family situations and her financial conditions. You told her, that you never heard for whatever people opinions about her, you believe in her and your little faith that she will be with you at the end and you told her that we can make it work for money. The time when she suddenly said "Would you be back with me after all? We can fix it" but you did the silence.

    Now you might feel thankful to find this TWS, you will remember that you are really stupid to do whatever that stranger told you in that time.

    i think i need my holiday

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 :( 👍

  • call her a stupid slag, fuck her friend. then move on g

  • @DeckoFalls 😔 i cant be that harsh to her.

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 If she cheated on you, that isn't harsh : ) its karma ey

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 just move on .some people don't deserve you that 's why they leave you!

  • Ahhh Kataomoi It hurts XD

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 that is the main flaw within bf-gf relationships, that there isnt loyalty and, if u do find someone who is loyal, that is very rare

  • @idek2019 that's why i prefer not to be in relationship :)

  • @Yuuu who the hell kataomoi
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  • Your life seems like a movie which I would say is good because it has a 'real' ending.

  • @Nibba_Nibby22 Sorry sounds depressing. Maybe you should let lose and so something new and crazy. Step out of that little bubble.

  • @Relyt-Tetloh well life is unexpected journey that you have to deal with. instead of keep to be such a butthurt, i prefer to let it be and continue my life.

  • @FangYuan you can make it a love movie like "You are the apple of my eye" tho. It is based on the real story movie.
    FYI, the time when she dressed with white, went to altar.. i thought i would try to mess it up. But then, i realized, Ko Ching Teng is right. If you fully love someone, you will let her to have "His own Mr. Right" and wish her all the best marriage live.
    i did it in that time.