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    Hey guys. I have a lot going on in my personal life. And unfortunately, i am going to have to say goodbye for awhile. It could be a week, a few days, couple months...Ive found some pretty damn amazing people on here. And i dont plan on losing you all, i promise.
    Recently TWS has put more stress on me than anything else i have going on. I have people getting pissed at me, im a horrible moderator, and my closest friend has given me a whole bunch of hate.
    As an overview, if you could please pray for my friend Vivian, thatd be great. She has a liver disease and i need to be there for her. My daughter’s best friend is dying from a brain tumor. And at this point, one big fucking miracle is all that can save him.
    I love you guys. And you have cared for me more than anyone has in my entire life. Isnt that strange? A total group of strangers accepted my weird ass. And i call many of you guys family. Because thats what you are. If you EVER need anything while im gone, pm me.
    Perhaps when things calm down more, i can finally come back. Once again, i love you, a hella hella lot. Bye bye babes

  • @willoww Take Care of Urself @Pillowww... Would miss u... Nd yeah Hope To See U Soon 😊😊😊

  • @willoww Sorry to hear about everything going on in your life right now and know I’ll pray for you. It sucks to see my bestie go but it is completely understandable. Family always comes first. Just know that whether you are gone for a week or for good you will be missed by plenty of people here. You were always quick to cheer people up when they were down and are a great friend to many. If you ever need anything just know I always have your back and you know how to reach me. So for now goodbye. (>β€’-β€’)>

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    @willoww We'll miss you very much Willow , Plzzz come back soon 😒😒

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    @willoww You are not a horrible mod. We don't want you to leave.

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    @willoww Oh lord!! Everything will be alright, I'm sending my prayers to Vivian, tell her to stay strong! and you too. Take care of her and take care of yourself. Will miss you, come back soon babes. ❀️

  • (>β€’.β€’)> hugs Take care!

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