• Re: why people are more getting stressed as time is moving
    the general assumption that is in place about the abstract concept of time is something that people feel is ... something that cannot be changed...this notion of progression towards a future ...was supposed to be something "good"... the only thing that has happened as a result of technological innovation is the fact that people are expected to accomplish more and more...in this sense people work for a particular result and that is that...there is no life in it...there is no sense of jubilation in the work they/we do
    a deadline is set and that is it.
    the future is the past in modified form for if there were no past there would be no future, at any point you find yourself thinking about these concepts, please take note of the fact that the present moment, is the only "when" that you think of these two, sacrificing yourself to the past or future is what drains you of energy to appreciate this present moment, the past- is what has made an impression on you but it is no longer here, you cant change it so you use that broken caricature to mold your future, however broken the frame is , but you don't know what the future holds... so what are you to do?
    am i suppose to do anything?
    why do i do anything at all?
    i say watch what is happening right now in this moment, not with the intention of finding a solution, forget about the past or the future, it is only by your agreement that anything happens at all in life, whatever investment you have.
    You as a member of the human species, had no choice in entering this world and you have no choice about where you are going when life is done with you, appreciate this moment because it is the only place that IS

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